How to Enable Windows Media Player 12 Equalizer

If you tried the all new Windows 7 Beta you might have surely liked it. It’s just in the Beta stage and most of us are falling in love with it. Looks like Microsoft is sensing good response on its release. Well, let’s keep these things apart and stick to the topic. If you tried out Windows 7 Beta and I can assume that you have checked out the all new WMP 12 (Windows Media Player). If you observed it closely then you might have noticed that there’s no equalizer in it. Well, don’t worry you can get it without any probs. Here’s how you get it:

1. Start Windows Media Player 12 in Library View
2. Now press Alt to get the menu, and navigate to View> Skin Chooser.
3. Select ‘Revert’ skin from the skins list and press the “Apply Button” button.
4. You can now see the “Graphic Equalizer” button at the bottom right of the skinned WMP12.
5. Lastly, set the default equalizer options to whatever you like.



20 comments for “How to Enable Windows Media Player 12 Equalizer”

  • Sofazen

    Yes equalizer finally found!!

    Thanks a lot…but does it work for you? In my PC there is no change on whatever slide I move (just the volume one to be precise).

  • Mr. T,

    I found equalizer and yes it worked. But the quality somewhy was very bad! I think that WMP 11 is much better than 12. Not only it gives better quality due to equalizer and wow-effect, it also looks much better.
    So.. take a look this article:
    I installed that, everything works fine, the quality is super and it looks cool!

  • Hmmm, not a bad idea though…. Will try it once I install Windows 7 🙂

  • bretikape

    finally, have the rc downloaded, and searched for the equalizer, couldn’t find it (strange way to enable it btw)

  • Walker

    There’s an easier way, and you get the same equalizer (and other enhancements) that you got with WMP 11. (Short link points to a journal entry which explains how to do it.)

  • potluck

    Oo dude, that was just beautifull,

    Tenk giou for the discover 😉

  • vk


  • Andy Tracy

    I don’t know if the last link did what I found (it’s dead now), but you can get the equalizer and wow effects, etc. by going to now playing view, open the menu with alt then view–>effects and they’re all there.

  • ChiRi

    Alternatively, you can also just click on the button at the lower right corner to switch to Now Playing view. Then, right click on it and you’ll see the traditional menu… you’ll know from here
    good day you all…
    tututotul 🙂

  • WarGopher

    Try this, from Library menu switch to now playing(icon in lower right of screen) then the right click with mouse. Should bring up equalizer which even has some additional feature not in WM 11.

  • Ahhh !!!! thanks you so much

  • anon

    nice1 😀

  • saad

    thnx man

  • fox45

    Thank you for the easy instructions unlike so many others

  • You’re welcome

  • Vigneshkumar V

    tnk u so much..

  • Foo

    Wow, thanks. Why they would bury that is beyond me.

  • silviu

    that’s so gaY@ instead of making it easier…they made it unaccessible 

  • Vernon_0920_21

    thanks a lot

  • Johnathan Stills

    becuase they are fucking idiots i cant still find it

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