Find out How much Distance your Mouse has Travelled

I’m pretty sure you don’t forget to check your vehicles mileage and kilometer count. So why not check how much your mouse has travelled? Hmmm I know it sounds crazy, after all mouse isn’t a vehicle. But a geek never refuses to try out new innovative stuff. And here’s one program- AntiMousing that a geek shouldn’t miss to try out.

AntiMousing is a small app which measures mouse movements. The distance is measured in terms of kilometers. Using this software you can check the distance travelled by mouse per minute, number of clicks per minute, illegal moves per minute, etc. In addition to this it also registers if you move your mouse too fast, if you ‘rage’ the mouse and how efficient you click. All the stats displayed are easy to understand, the program is pretty easy to use too. Once started it automatically hides in your system tray.

AntiMousing aims to make you a more productive mouse user. Well, I’m not sure about ‘productivity’ but it certainly is entertaining. As usual everything in this world has a con and this has one too, it does not save stats between sessions.

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