Split Larger Files into Smaller ones

Nowadays softwares, games and movies are pretty huge. One must have a good amount of hard disk space in order to store them or else the next alternative is to backup the data into DVD’s. Unfortunately sometimes the data is so large that it doesn’t fit in a single DVD. You need at least two DVD’s. So what’s the solution? The best solution that I can think of at the moment is splitting the bigger files into smaller ones. Splitting into smaller files also helps you to share smaller files over the web which can be downloaded with ease. There are three programs that I came across which are perfect for doing this job.

GSplit is a freeware which allows you to split large files with ease. You can split large files like Zip archives, disk images, multimedia, music, video, backup, image, archive, log, large text, document files, etc into smaller files called as pieces. You can set the size of the pieces while separating. So how do you join these pieces when needed? Well, you don’t need to worry about that as the program does this as well. It creates a small stand-alone executable file that will put all of the pieces back together. This executable provides users with an intuitive Windows interface whose appearance can be customized according to your needs. Thus GSplit is not required in order to restore the split file. GSplit works on all versions of Windows. There’s a portable version available as well.

Download GSplit

JR Split File:
JR Split File is yet another program which allows you to split files. It’s a portable program and hence you don’t need to install it. You can run it straight away from your pen drive or hard disk. It has a very simple user interface. To start with, the user needs to select the file to be split, and then select an output folder where the pieces will be stored. User can also set the file size of each piece. You can also check the option ‘Generate batch file for merging’ if you want to create a bat file which merges the split files when clicked.

Download JR Split File

HJSplit is one of the oldest splitting softwares. It allows you to split videos and other files. It’s a portable freeware application which works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download HJSplit



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