Fix Corrupted AVI Files

While viewing videos you might have experienced weird problems like freezing, distorted video and choppy frames. Oh and the worst problem of all of them is when you’re not able to play the video file from a selected point of time. This is really annoying especially in the case of movies as it spoils the entire fun. There’s a program known as DivFix++ which helps to fix avi files. It’s a portable Open Source avi fixer for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

DivFix++ is pretty user friendly. You can drag and drop videos into the interface or add video files using the file browser. To start checking for errors you need to simply click on the check errors button. It will start scanning the video file and display information if errors have been encountered. But before you start with the fixing procedure you need to make sure that you have set the settings right. The first thing you need to do is set a path for the fixed video files. A few additional settings are optional. Sometimes if there are bad parts which could result in skips during playback are cut out by default. The program can also write errors on a log file for further analysis.

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