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Monitor Vista Ready Boost Performance

When Vista was released there was a lot of hype of the ReadyBoost feature in it which speeds up Vista when you plug in a USB drive and select “Speed up my system using Windows ReadyBoost” from the autoplay window. Since this feature wasn’t available on Windows XP some software developers developed a ready boost app for XP known as eBoostr which was similar to the Vista Ready Boost feature in Vista. Overall the performance of the Readyboost feature in Vista wasn’t quite satisfying. If you tried plugging in a pen drive you might have observed the difference wasn’t quite a lot.

Well, now the question is how do we know whether the Vista Ready Boost feature is really working and how do we monitor its performance? If you plugged a pen drive and selected “Speed up my system using Windows ReadyBoost” you might have observed that the LED light on the pen drive keeps blinking from time to time. So how do we monitor the performance?

Power Up the Firefox Address Bar

I would like to share with you an interesting Firefox extension- UrlbarExt that I came across today. UrlbarExt adds a set of icons to the address bar in Firefox. So what can be done with these set of icons? To start with it can shorten URLs using your favorite URL shortening service. This feature is really cool as you don’t need to go to a URL shortening site like TinyURL to shorten the link. It shortens the link with just a click. Another interesting feature is the Google search. If a site doesn’t have a good search engine you can carry out a Google search on the site with a single click.

Find and View Recently Changed Files

Did you change a file name, File format or some other details of a particular file? And you aren’t able to find it? Don’t you worry! There’s a program known as Last Changed Files which displays the last 100 changed files of a selected folder or drive. It’s very light on resources and is just 261KB in size. It’s portable and runs perfectly on Windows XP and Windows Vista. You don’t need to install it, all you need to do is just double click on the exe.

How to view online friends on Facebook chat being Offline

We have seen the all new Facebook interface which was introduced last year, most of us liked it but some didn’t, they tried getting the old Facebook interface back. Well, I’m happy with the new interface. The Facebook chat feature is really cool, chatting is much easier than going into different profiles and writing on their walls. The chat is certainly good but sometimes when there are a lot of friends online who want to chat with you when you’re busy then it might turn out to be annoying. You might have observed that the Facebook chat doesn’t have any option for appearing offline or hiding from your friends.

How to disable Notification Area Balloon Tips in Windows 7

Most of us don’t really like the balloon tips bugging us in the system tray. Luckily we can disable them, if you’re using Vista then have a look at the ‘Disable Vista Balloon Tips Tutorial’. And if you’re using the all new Windows 7 then have a look at the below tutorial:

Different Types of Touch Screens in Mobile Phones

Technology is developing at a great pace. Every day or so we see a company come out with a new gadget. The best examples are cell phones. There were days when people used to have huge phone which were called as mobile phones at that time but now things have changed, mobile phones are compact and uber cool. They have all sorts of features in them which make them something more than mobile phones. Nowadays with a mobile you can make calls, listen to music, watch movies, take photos, etc. But now it looks like the buttons generation of mobile phones is coming to an end, touchscreens are slowly crawling in. Touch screens have huge screen sizes and are pretty user friendly as well. Well, touch screens have their own pros and cons but for that we need to know the different touchscreens. Different touch screens? Yeah! There are basically three types of touch screens used in mobile phones these days. Lets discuss them briefly:

How to Enable Windows Media Player 12 Equalizer

If you tried the all new Windows 7 Beta you might have surely liked it. It’s just in the Beta stage and most of us are falling in love with it. Looks like Microsoft is sensing good response on its release. Well, let’s keep these things apart and stick to the topic. If you tried out Windows 7 Beta and I can assume that you have checked out the all new WMP 12 (Windows Media Player). If you observed it closely then you might have noticed that there’s no equalizer in it. Well, don’t worry you can get it without any probs. Here’s how you get it:

Backup Internet Explorer Settings

You might have used your friends pc or the one at the cyber when you were away from your home. You might have surfed internet as well. Now the problem is that if you’re using Internet explorer in some other pc you won’t have the same bookmarks, settings, passwords and other settings that you had in your pc. This can be really annoying and backing up favorites or passwords manually can involve a lot of time and effort. To make things easier there’s an application known as BackRex Internet Explorer Backup.

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