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I’m pretty sure you might have across password protected ZIP archives. Usually when we have a lot of password protected archives we don’t quite remember their passwords. And in the end we aren’t able to open them, it may not be the case with everyone though buy it has happened to me several times as I’m careless. In such a case the last resort is a password recovery software. But the problem is most of the password recovery softwares available aren’t free and to pay for them is quite a lot as they are expensive. Last time I had written about a software- WinRAR Unlock that unlocks locked RARs but not password protected archives. Well, I was searching over the web for a good freeware which can do the job and I came across one known as PicoZip.

PicoZip is an awesome freeware which helps you to recover lost or forgotten passwords from password protected Zip files created by compression utilities like WinZip, 7 Zip, etc. There are two ways through which it unlocks a ZIP file- bruteforce and dictionary method. The dictionary method relies on known words while the bruteforce method tests all possible character combinations. Bruteforce method is usually better as it tries all possible characters whereas dicitionary method will be useful when the user has chosen a dictionary word as a password.

The software is really user friendly. All you need to do is load a password protected zip file into the program’s interface. A dictionary has to be loaded if the dictionary recovery method is selected. The brute force recovery method requires a few additional parameters. The range of characters has to be selected as well as the minimum and maximum length of the password. If the maximum characters are above 6 and minimum are 3 it might take years to crack the password. Well, if you’re using the dictionary method you may feel free to check the developer’s website for different dictionaries that can be used in the password recovery software.

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