How to Fix GTA IV PC Version

I know there are many GTA fans out there who were disappointed with the release of GTA IV on PC. Well, the reason? It’s simply because the game is too damn buggy and the FPS is not good too. I’m a big GTA fan, I had pre ordered GTA IV after looking into the reviews. The console version reviews were amazing which simply dragged me to purchase the PC version. But unfortunately it was a different story after getting the game. The moment I got the game I installed it and when I started the game to my surprise I could see only my car and no environments. It was a severe problem of missing textures. I was really disappointed by this. I started searching over the web for fixes and found many of them which made my game finally fully playable. I thought I’ll sum up all the fixes into a single place so that it will be easy for you to try them out. So here they are:

Textures missing!

1. Drivers, Patches:
The first thing that you need to make sure is that your drivers are up to date. Make sure you get the latest version of Nvidia or ATI drivers. While installing the new version make sure you remove the older one completely by using a program like Driver Cleaner.

As far as patches are concerned, Rockstar has released twopatches so far which fixed several issues. You can download them below

GTA IV Patch 1

GTA IV Patch 2

GTA IV Patch 3

GTA IV Patch 4

GTA IV Patch 5

GTA IV Patch 6

GTA IV Patch 7

2. Vista SuperFetch Feature:
There’s a feature known as Superfetch in Vista. Some users disable it to speed up computer. But if it’s disabled you will experience missing textures in GTA IV. Weird but true! To enable or disable Vista superfetch follow the below instructions carefully:
Go to Start, in the search bar type ‘services’ and hit enter.
Now search for ‘Superfetch’. Double click on it, a box will popup, here you can enable and disable it. Once done press OK and close the box.

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170 comments for “How to Fix GTA IV PC Version”

  • Daniel campos

    this is is realy bullshit gta 4 i got a realy good pc and this shit keep lagin i try everything! i’m out stupid game!

  • Love Källman

    Can somebody help me? I love this game on Xbox 360 so I decided to try it on PC.
    I bought the game, put it into my PC, but when I start the game, I see my car and there is no environments, like no clouds, no trees, not even a door.

    Windows 7 64-Bit (I actually don´t know if GTA IV is compatible with Win7)
    CPU: Intel Core2Duo E4800 @ 3.00Ghz
    Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset
    4Gb RAM

  • Thomas

    I got i7-970 4.0Ghz 6 cores, Hd 6970 2GB VGA and 12mb ram. AND IT STILL LAGS. This game is bullshit!

  • I got an intel Pentium E5700 dual-core 4.0 Ghz, XFX RADEON HD 6450 1 GB HDMI, and 3 GB ram running windows 7 professional 64 bit and it works smoothly without lags but GTA SA lags on my computer!

  • i could rum gta iv on high with my old computer same cpu and video card but i olny had 2 gb of ram i could run it smoothly

  • once a gta fan

    its all bullshit,so fuck gta iv and fuck rockstar

  • once a gta fan

    you can’t do anything to fix it.nothing will ever work

  • Masterindamaster

    I have intel core 2 3.0ghz, 4gb of ram , 1gb nvidia gtx 220 and gta4 keep lagging….!!!! im pretty sure the problem isin gta4

  • cheeseprin

    i have shitty pc and the game runs perfectly…

  • Moe_70

    you ppl are commenting on a post that been there since 2008 XD

  • SF

    Go to start search bar n type in msconfig. Open that go to services or something like that and disable windows event collector and windows event log. This should help.

  • Captainmattgreen

    GTA 4 Runs ok on athlon 3000+ 1gb ram  and  512 geforce gt240! I thought for sure it wouldn’t but it does.  With no mods or tweaks other than the 7 patches I’m getting around 14-15 fps, it doesnt change when I put the video settings on full blast or low, so I think my processor is limiting the speed and my video card is plenty for this game. Never had any missing textures, ever, even before patches. Logitech f310 gamepad works without configuration and no noticeable lag of the buttons. I had it running on 7 and xp. seemed a little smoother on 7.
    This really makes me wonder if I should even buy the quad core pc I was looking at because it may not be any faster.
    I swear that my athlon 3000+ wasnt any much faster than the k6/350mhz it replaced.

  • Rakesh

    you did really good work buddy by sharing all the info bcoz lot of user were facing the same issue.

  • Anonymous

    graphics card is your problem there buddy. Although even if you upgraded to the fastest single GPU on the market (think its gtx 580) it still wont run fully 60FPS smooth…. bad console port is all I’ll say.

  • Thejokerisback

    actually turn the resolution to the max and high detail and it worked for me for some reason i can see all the detail

  • Vlad

    i have Lenovo Y570, i7 2670QM, 8GB DDR3, GT 555M runs maxed out in 30-40 fps and fps break down for 1-2 s, and back to normal, and again 5fps, and back to normal.

    Please help.

  • Manish kapoor

    put commandline.txt in your game folder then open commanline and copy the bold word 
      -veiwdistance 3500  and save it and start the game now everything would be visible

  • Pedro Marthon

    I have intel core i5 cpu (2.67 GHz) AMD RADEON HD 6700 series 1GB (WITH INTEGRATED VGA)
    4GB RAM 500 GB HDD and this shit works good with full graphics but when I ride a car or any ride
    this shitty game starts to play in slow motion then normal motion the slow motion every sec. can
    anybody help me fix this f***** Problem……

  • James

    I paid 20 fucking dollars to open a game full of lag for the first 30 minutes then theres no environment and now after trying to run the damn patch I cant even open the game. Fuck you Steam

  • Michael Collins

    Im not sure why all you people are whining about, I have an HP AMD Phenom II x4 945 3.0 GHz with 8 GB of ram and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 with 2 GB of ram and I can easily run 50+ frames per second with everything maxed out with a really nice ENB, High definition textures and the game heavily modded. I have video and screen shots with Fraps to prove it., Hell even my kids computer which is comparable to mine with a weaker video card runs it quite easily maxed out with an ENB, maybe a few frames slower than mine, but on average 50 frames a second. I don’t know why you people are having so many problems.. the only time I have any problems at all is when I run LCPDFR mod, mainly on multiplayer and while using ELS, lighting system which vastly improves the vehicles light bars, making them look like real life light bars.

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