WinRAR Unlock- Unlock Locked and Protected RAR archives

The two most widely used file archiving programs are WinZip and WinRar. I generally prefer WinRar to WinZip. You might have come across several archive formats such as zip, 7z, tar, cab, etc and opened them in WinZip or Winrar or maybe other program. If you ever made a new archive in Winrar and added new files into it, you might have noticed that there is an option to lock the archive. (Check out the below pic)

When you add new files and select the lock archive option, the WinRar file created gets locked. You’ll be able to open the file but you won’t be able to add new files into it or delete files present in it or modify its contents and several other things. (Check out the below pic, the add and delete option has disappeared)

There’s a small utility known as ‘WinRAR Unlock’ which allows you to unlock such archives. All you need to do is just download it and launch it, you don’t require any installation. To unlock an archive start the program and browse the file which is locked. Click ‘start’ to unlock it. If you check the box create backup then it will create a backup in the same directory which can be used if the unlocked fie doesn’t work. So to test the program I created a .rar file in WinRrar and locked its contents. Later, I used this program to unlock it and it worked perfectly without any problems. Check out the unlocked version below, the add and delete option has appeared again. You can now modify the archive according to your needs.

Voila its unlocked!

Download WinRAR Unlock (Size: 26KB)



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