How to Remove Arrows on Shortcut Icons in Vista

I’m pretty sure that you have seen small arrows on shortcut icons on your desktop or any other location. Some of us don’t like to keep these arrows on icons as they obstruct us from viewing the whole icon. Or maybe when there are several icons it makes it difficult to identify the right icon quickly. Or maybe we just don’t like those tiny arrows on icons. I think the last reason is more appropriate, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

So, as we don’t like ‘em let’s get rid of them. If you’re using Vista you can install a tiny utility known as Vista Shortcut Overlay Manager. It’s pretty user friendly and does it’s one job very well. You can either shrink the arrow size for the arrow shortcuts or remove them altogether from your icons. Choose one of the three options from the list and click Apply.

You may also consider checking out another software known as Vista Visual Master which allows you to customize several Vista theme and appearance features. Using this you can change boot logo, icons, logon pictures, etc. Oh, you can also remove arrows on shortcut icons.

Download Vista Shortcut Overlay Manager



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