How to Open .cbr & .cbz Files

Heard of the file types- .cbr and .cbz? I’m sure you have come across them if you read comics. Well, they are Comic Book Archive files. They mainly consist of a series of image files, typically PNG or JPEG files, compressed using one of several popular methods. .cbr and.cbz are the two types of file extensions of Comic Book Archive files. .cbr file is a RAR file whereas a .cbz file is a ZIP file. There are other unfamiliar extensions as well, some of them are .cb7 (7-Zip), .cbt (TAR), .cba (ACE).


How to open such files?
You can easily open .cbr and .cbz file using CDisplayEX. The download link is at the bottom of this post. Just download CDisplayEX and install it. Once done you can press W to switch between windowed and full screen mode. To open files simply go to File> Load Files. You can scroll through the comic with your mouse scroll wheel or drag the page with a mouse click. Arrow keys can also be used to move the page around and use the Page Up and Page Down button to switch between pages.If you want to enhance the color of the images you’re viewing then you can do so by using the Auto Colors feature by pressing Ctrl+A key.

Express your views on this software. Also feel free to tell if you find another software better than this one.

Download CDisplayEX



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