How to Add Command Prompt to the Right-Click Menu in Vista

Adding an option to access command prompt in right click menu is really useful. You can access command prompt in no time. I had written an article previously on adding a command prompt option to right click menu in XP. I thought of writing another article today for doing the same on Vista. Well, let me it short and stick to the topic, here’s an easy tutorial which will guide you to do the same.

From the Vista Start Search bar, type “regedit” then hit Enter to load the registry editor. The Vista UAC may prompt you, so go ahead and let it run.

Navigate to the following key:

Now, in the “Shell” folder, create a new registry key with the name “Command Prompt Here”. To do this right click on “Shell” and select New> Key. Create a sub-key under “Command Prompt Here” called “Command” in the same manner.

Now you need to enter the command into the newly created sub-key called “Command“. To do this, Right-Click on the “(Default)” value of the key and select Modify. Enter “Cmd.exe /k pushd %L” as the value of the key and click OK.

That’s it your new key is ready for action just close the editor. Note that the right click command option will work on all folders but not files.



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