PhotoFunia- Create Awesome Stuff from your Photos

I was checking out for some cool online web services through which you can modify your photos by adding celebrities beside them or maybe by making them look like posters on walls, or maybe make them look like sculptures, tattoos, etc. To my surprise I came across an article mentioning a service known as PhotoFunia which does something more than I thought.

PhotoFunia has a face recognition technology which makes it easier to identify faces even if the photo is too big or too small. Hmmm, sound great isn’t it? Yeah! There’s absolutely no need to struggle using Photoshop. There are a set of patterns which you can use to add your photos. You can select the pattern which you like the most and upload your pic to appear in it. It will take few seconds to the job and you’ll be stunned by the output. You can save the image to your desktop or even upload it to imageshack. Check out for some stuff above that I created using PhotoFunia.



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  • super program

  • Joel, is another such tool,

  • Nice find avinash…
    loonapix looks good too 🙂

  • miquel

    They have very cool effects.

  • Dhanapalan

    Hai friends Thanks for the Excellent Website like this i havent seen like this never before is there some more websites like this? can anyone tell me?

  • has another 1,000 similar image making widgets to create funny pics with your photos.

  • super program

  • Max

    Thank you very much – photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is – they make a new effect every day!

  • jeet


  • none

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