Encopy- Free Data Recovery Tool

Encopy is free data recovery tool for home users which helps to recover data which isn’t readable. It’s a portable app, if you have a collection of portable apps then Encopy is a perfect tool to be added into your portable apps collection. It works with any hard drive and optical drive connected to the computer. It can be pointed to files to try to recover the data. It is extremely user friendly and is just 69kb in size! Unfortunately the app doesn’t have a great look, it looks kind of plain. It comes with a set of options that define and alter the data recovery process. It is for example possible to verify the data after, force faster copying or skip system files.

As always almost every good thing has a drawback, this thing has one too. The file browser can be pointed to select only one file from the medium or folder. Users who rely solely on the file browser will be dissatisfied by this. It is possible to use wildcards to include multiple files in the data recovery process. To copy all executable files from hard drive D:, one would use the wildcard d:\*.exe to do so.

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