PowerPoint Joiner- Merge/ Join two or more PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint Joiner is a program which allows you to merge or combine multiple PowerPoint files. This is pretty useful if you want to maintain a single PowerPoint file. In addition to this if you have several charts, diagrams, which are used regularly then merging is a good option. We had many competitions in our college which involved lots of PowerPoint presentations. They were pretty cool. I have merged all of them into a single file and kept it safe. Well, this is my final year in my college, I’m gonna miss my college days. 
It has an extremely user friendly interface that requires almost no interaction. It works by using a text document that lists the PowerPoint document that should be combined. One thing I didn’t like about the program is the inability to add PowerPoint documents to a list and sort them the way the user wants, it would have been much better if such a feature was included.

PowerPoint Joiner is a portable application, you can carry it anywhere in your pen drive. It also works perfectly on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Vista.

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