Bloody Hand and Foot Wrist Rest, Finger USB Drive

Like Zombies, chopped meat, blood and gore? Then here’s something of your interest. It’s a chopped hand and foot for your wrist to rest. Ewww… the moment I saw them I got goose bumps all over my body. I wonder how you reacted looking at them. Well, it might be a good thing to scare others but I don’t think it serves as a good wrist rest even though it’s soft. I just can’t imagine keeping my hand over them. Well, if you liked them you can get one set (Bloody Hand + Foot Wrist Rest) for $18 from here.

Ok, so if you have seen the chopped hand and foot I got something more to be added to the chopped meat category, a finger USB drive! It looks like it’s freshly cut and removed from the local morgue. The drive has a storage capacity of 1GB. If you liked it you can get one from here for $20. Each drive is pretested; you can just plug and use it, no drivers needed. Hmmm, looks like meat just got costlier!



2 comments for “Bloody Hand and Foot Wrist Rest, Finger USB Drive”

  • saitokthx

    who uses usb drives anymore, gamers use psps or something

  • poopsticks

    lol 20 bucks for a 1 gig

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