How to Turn Off Laptop or Notebook LCD Screen Manually

Most of you’ll having laptops try to increase its battery backup to the best extent possible. Well, if you don’t, I at least do. If I leave my laptop on and go out, I always make sure that the LCD is turned off. This will help to increase the battery backup and also helps to keep the laptop much cooler. I turn off my Acer laptops LCD using the shortcut key FN + F6.

Some of you might not have that option or maybe the keys ain’t working. Well, if you plan to repair your laptop keyboard then it will cost you at least $100. But as usual softwares come to our rescue. Here’s a small tool, only 85KB is size which helps you to switch off your LCD display. It doesn’t require any installation. All you need to do is just run executable file “Turn Off LCD.exe” whenever you want to turn off your LCD screen. To turn on the screen, simply hit any key on your keyboard or move your mouse.

TurnOffLCD v101 (link 1)
TurnOffLCD v101 (link 2)



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  • olgierd

    Thank You!
    I was wondering how to save the batt. And now here it is. thx mate!

    This is when you see the power of internet (power of google, heh’)
    thx once more – sucha a little thing, so helpful…

  • DevRaz Nayak

    Great Man! it’s really great. I’d not even thought about such a thing. Thanks a lot. I really loved it.

  • miguel

    this is great. thank you very much

  • Guest

    Thanks mate as i have a acer notebook it really helps thanks

  • Cheers Bro… Keep visiting for latest tech tips 🙂

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