How to Rip Audio from YouTube, Google and other Online Videos

I browse a lot of YouTube videos every day. I have come across many videos which have good background songs but unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out the title of the song and the artist, hence wasn’t able to get the song. So I thought of ripping of the audio from such videos. That was the best alternative I had. But it wasn’t an easy task if the video was big, I would have to download the entire video and then use a software to rip the audio from it.

I tried searching over Google to find a solution and I came across VidtoMp3. As the word says, it’s a web based video to mp3 convertor. To rip audio out of a video all you need to do is just enter the URL of the video in a box which looks like below. Once you paste the video link in the box click on the download button.

The conversion will begin, you’ll need to wait for a few minutes until the process is completed. Once done, a ‘Download MP3‘ button will appear, click on it. Select the save location. Once the download is completed you can play the file in any music player like Windows media player, Winamp, VLC player, etc.

I hope you liked the tutorial. It’s pretty easy isn’t it? You can also check out 5 handy online video conversion services if you want to convert a video from YouTube, Google, Metacafe, etc to your desired format.



4 comments for “How to Rip Audio from YouTube, Google and other Online Videos”

  • Alexandra

    Thank you for this! Works great.

  • Cathy1314

    That’s sweet.
    I also find: How to rip audio from YouTube.

  • Valdis

    You can download YouTube videos as MP3, AVI, Windows Media Video (WMA) and many others.
    Just use Bender Converter ( It very helpful!

  • August

    You can also try, it is a youtube to mp3 converter with less ads.

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