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5 Tools to Improve Your Reading Speed

Is your reading speed slow? Don’t worry, you can improve it using few softwares and online services. So how do these s work? They use a reading technique known as Speed Reading. Speed reading is the act of quickly absorbing written information. The goal is to read quickly but still retain comprehension of the material. There’s a competition known as World Championship Speed Reading Competition in which various readers compete. It says that its top competitors average around 1000 to 2000 words a minute! Oh boy! That’s a lot; I doubt I can even make it to 300. Well, reading 1000 words a minute but only understanding 10% of the text would not be effective while a comprehension level of 50% or more could very well be.

FM Radio Tap- Taps Can Sing too!

Bathroom singers are you’ll listening? Well, here’s something of your interest. It’s a tap with a FM Radio! If you look at the tap you might find it pretty ordinary. Well, don’t forget that looks can be deceiving! The tap can be mounted on any bathroom slab. It’s water proof too despite of having a radio within it, you don’t have worry about water splashes.

iPhone Theme Maker- Create iPhone Themes

Every time I browse tech websites I find something or the other written about iPhone. Well, after all iPhone is worth it. But there are a few criticisms and cons as well. For instance, we have seen the deadly Indian iPhone pricing few days back. Ok, so let’s keep these things apart. I have something cool for you if you already own an iPhone. It’s an iPhone Theme Maker.

How to Fix Windows Vista Folder View Settings from Resetting

Some of you Vista users might have experienced an annoying problem in Vista. This problem has infected many pcs with XP as well. The folder view settings set by the user for a particular folder get reset from time to time. Windows remembers by default the folder view settings of 200 local folders and 200 network folders initially. Windows Vista remembers 5000 folders which are usually enough for most users. But users having more than 5000 folders experience this problem. Here’s an easy registry tweak which fixes this problem. Here’s how you do it:

Windows Live Theme for XP and Vista

Windows Live is pretty eye candy, no wonder most of us like it. Well, if you like Windows Live then here’s something cool for you. It’s a Windows Live theme for Vista and XP! It’s as attractive and eye candy as Windows Live. The theme looks pretty much same as the Windows Live website. The theme is packed with 4 cool wallpapers. It also contains a separate skin for Windows Sidebar.

Windows Aero Messenger- Aero Skin for Windows Live Messenger

Windows Aero Messenger skin is one of the best skins for Windows Live Messenger that I have ever used. It incorporates Vista Live Messenger as a part of its design so that users can switch between both by just changing one option. The latest version of the skin has been modified into a “theme generator” enabling users to customize the theme according to their tastes.

Perfect Cuppa Mug- The Mug with a Pocket

We have seen shirts and trousers having pockets but I bet you haven’t seen a mug with a pocket. Here’s a mug known as “The Perfect Cuppa Mug” which has a pocket which holds your biscuits and cookies. The mug is 4 inch wide, that’s pretty big isn’t it? This mug is basically a half of the real mugs that we use. The other half is transformed into a pocket. The pocket ain’t really big enough to hold more than one biscuit.

How to Convert Video_TS Folder into One Video File

I usually download movies from the net and view them in my pc or in my home theatre. The movie files that I download are usually in .avi formats. Well, such files are great as far as pc is concerned as you’ll have the whole movie in just one .avi file. Moreover, it’s easy to store and consumes less space too. But unfortunately my home theatre doesn’t play .avi files. I have to convert the file in to Video_TS and Audio_TS and then burn in the form of a DVD for viewing in my home theatre. But if you are a lucky guy who has a home theatre which plays Divx files then you don’t need to go through all this conversion mess as it will play the .avi file without any problem.

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