How to Increase External USB Hard Drive Speed in Vista

Nowadays most of us use external hard drives; it’s mainly because they are portable and light. Today I’m going to share a tutorial with you which will help you to speed up your external hard drive speed in vista. It’s concerned with turning write caching on and activating advanced performance. This tip is not encouraged if you have frequent power cuts. It’s because enabling write caching will result in data loss if there’s power failure or maybe if the drive is plugged out too quickly. Ok, so if you don’t have a problem of power cuts and if you handle the drive safely then here’s a tutorial to speed up your external USB hard drive speed.

1. Go to Start and right click on Computer and select Manage.
2. Now click on Device Manager.
3. Expand the Disk drives branch and search for your external drive in the list.
4. Once you find it, right click on it and select Properties.
5. On the Policies tab select Optimize for performance.
6. Check the boxes titled “Enable write caching on the disk” and “Enable advanced performance” as shown below.
7. Click OK and reboot for the settings to take effect.



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