How to Fix Access Denied Error in Vista

Sometimes when you try to open certain folders like Document and Settings, Application Data, etc in Windows Vista you get an error message saying “Access Denied”. This problem generally occurs when particular user’s rights in the NTFS partition are altered by someone or some program. Here’s a workaround for this problem, follow the below instructions carefully:

1. Right click on the Folder and select Properties
2. Now, click on the Security tab and Click on the Advanced button
3. Click on the Owner tab and click on the Edit button
4. In the Change owner to box, highlight your account
5. Check Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
6. Click on Apply and Click on Yes to replace all permissions
7. Continue to click on OK until you finish.

That’s it now you’ll have access to the folder.



4 comments for “How to Fix Access Denied Error in Vista”

  • satis misra

    i have already tried this method but what happens is that it does not change permissions to the the sub-folder or word document or any item inside a folder.

    and every time i have to go thru the same procedures to acces any item inside the folders or sub folders

    kindly providea solution for this


  • bert

    Exact same problem. There’s got to be a simple solution. Vista blows.

  • This method doesn’t work. When i go to highlight my name, it doesn’t do anything. My computer will not let me download, delete, or access my hard disk. I have files i need to get to files to manage my websites. I need to fix this problem. My laptop warranty doesn’t cover this kind of problem so i need major help. Please please please email me back. Thank you.

  • Eigthone45

    I am trying this right now, however it says an error occurred.  Is there another way?  Why does it say an error occurred?  Help, please

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