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Beijing Olympics Wallpapers & Screensavers

Some of us have a habit of flaunting our desktops with wallpapers that match the weather outside or maybe the events or shows that are going to take place. I remember the time when we had Twenty20 cricket in our country; I had set a few T20 wallpapers during the season. It really drives others attention pretty quickly. Now that Beijing Olympics is fast approaching it’s time to check out for some cool Olympics wallpapers and screensavers. What do you say people? So here you go, here are a few official Olympics wallpapers and screensavers.

Windows 7 (Seven), Vienna Transformation Packs

Transformation packs help us to get rid of the boring visual interface and get something cooler and better. Previously I had written an article on five cool transformation packs for windows. I feel they are probably the best available out there. Well, today I came across five new transformation packs for Windows and guess what, they are Windows 7/ Vienna transformation packs for Windows. Well if you aren’t aware of Windows 7 then it’s the upcoming Windows operating system. So here they are:

Pismo File Mount: Mount ZIP, ISO Files into a Virtual Drive

You might have come across several utilities which allow you to mount ISO, MDF, etc files into virtual drives. Today, I’m going to speak about yet another utility known as Pismo File Mount which allows users to mount files on to virtual drives. So what’s so special about this software that makes it different from others? Well, you can even mount ZIP files into a virtual drive! Pretty cool isn’t it?

Create Live Messenger Emoticons & Characters using Minimise-Me

Microsoft has come out with a cool service known as Minimise-Me which allows users to create their own emoticons and characters which can be used in Windows Live Messenger. Creating your own emoticon is pretty easy. You can do it in just a few clicks. You can set different hair styles, eyes, mouth, accessories, etc. After you finish playing with it and you’re satisfied with the outcome you can download it to your pc and display it in your WLM window. Sounds like yahoo avatars? Isn’t it?

E-Ball Rolling Projector PC Concept

Here’s an awesome pc concept known as E-Ball designed by Apostol Tnokovski. Looks like he just said “balls” to current generation pcs. As you can see in the below pic, the E-Ball pc is a spherical PC concept. It stands on legs that emerge from its underside and is just 6 inches in diameter. It features a projected display screen and keyboard. Wait a sec! What about the mouse? Well, you don’t need to worry about the mouse, there’s an optical mouse attached to E-Ball which can be detached for use. So, if you carry this ball you don’t really need to carry a keyboard, monitor and a mouse. Oh boy! That sounds like a portable desktop. Isn’t it?

Quickly Install Fonts in Windows

If you like to download and try out different fonts in your pc you might get bugged with the fonts installation process in Windows. The default way to install new fonts in Windows is to click on the Font entry in the Windows Control Panel and to select Install New Font from the File menu. But I usually install new fonts by dragging and dropping them into Fonts in Control Panel. I feel it’s pretty convenient. Well, if you have saved fonts in different locations then it will certainly take a lot of time to install new fonts.

HWMonitor- Monitor Hardware Temperature

If your pc is kept in a hot environment and doesn’t have adequate cooling facility then it will heat up pretty quickly. Over heating will result in hardware failures. But if you take quick steps you can save your pc. Luckily there’s a small app known as HWMonitor which allows you to monitor your computers hardware temperatures. It monitors temperatures of your CPU, graphic card, hard disk, etc. It displays current temperatures along with the minimum and maximum values. Apart from temperature readings it also shows voltages and fan speeds.

HDD Scan- Diagnose and Manage Hard Disks

HDD Scan is a freeware which scans storage devices for Bad-blocks, shows S.M.A.R.T. attributes and changes some HDD parameters such as AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management), APM (Advanced Power Management), PM (Power Management), etc. In short it provides the user with various information regarding hard disks in the computer and provides the user with options to change certain settings of those hard disks.

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