How to Right Click Defragment a Drive in XP and Vista

Here’s a short useful tutorial which will help you to add a defragment option to the right click menu. It’s pretty useful as whenever you feel like defragmenting a particular drive you can do it instantly by right clicking on it and selecting defragment instead of starting defragmenter and selecting the drive to defragment. Here’s how you get it done:

In Vista:

Download AddDefragToDriveMenu Registry Hack from here[link2].

It’s a .zip file, extract it. You should find three files. Double click on AddDefragToDriveMenu.reg.

A new box will popup, click ‘Yes’.

In XP:
Download from here and extract it. Double click on context_defrag.vbs to run it.

The above box will popup, click ‘Ok’
Now go to My Computer and right click on any drive, you should be able to see an option to Defrag in the menu.



3 comments for “How to Right Click Defragment a Drive in XP and Vista”

  • kanishk

    I ma currently using one the third party automatic alternative tools that defrag in the background on Vista. I think its a good buy.

  • Oh that’s cool.
    How much did you pay for it? and can you please tell the software as well…

  • Roy

    and how remove this option in win xp ?

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