How to Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger Using A-Patch

If you use Windows Live Messenger (WLM) or Yahoo Messenger you might have noticed the ads present in the messenger. They are sometimes irritating; especially in Yahoo messenger they really bug me a lot. There are a few ads which zoom when the mouse is moved over them. Well, one thing still confuses me; I don’t understand the reason why ads are placed in messengers. If you tell that they are mainly for revenue then I don’t understand why companies like MS and Yahoo need to do that. Well, anyways whatever the case maybe, today I came across a software which disables these ads, it’s know as A-Patch.

Using A-Patch you can remove ads from WLM as well as Yahoo messenger. Apart from this you can customize the messenger according to your needs and also remove several other unwanted features. For instance you can disable the nudge delay timer in WLM which will allow you to send consecutive nudges without having to wait a few seconds in between. You can also unwanted buttons and much more. Using this software you can login with two ids simultaneously in Yahoo IM.

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