How To: Playing .MKV, .MP4, .RMVB, .MOV Files in Winamp

Winamp no doubt is one of the most used music players but unfortunately it doesn’t play some file formats like .MKV, .MP4, .RMVB, and .MOV. Here’s a tutorial to make WInamp play such files. Here’s how you do it:

First of all you need to make sure you have installed most of the necessary codec files. If you aren’t sure about it then I advise you to install the K-Lite Codec Pack. Also download and install QuickTime Alternative for playing quicktime videos.

Now start Winamp and go to Preferences> Plug-ins > Input and Select Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder in the right hand side and click “Configure” below.

By default, the DirectShow configuration for Winamp should look like above.

Extend the list by adding “;MP4;MKV;MOV;RMVB” (without the quotes). This option enables Winamp to play .MKV, .MP4, .RMVB and .MOV files using DirectShow filters. Once done click ‘OK’

That’s it, you should be able to play MKV, .MP4, .RMVB, .MOV Files in your favorite Winamp.




19 comments for “How To: Playing .MKV, .MP4, .RMVB, .MOV Files in Winamp”

  • Austin

    I am able to play my MKV files in winamp thanks to your post here. But I am unable to activate subtitles in winamp. In VLC media player I can right click the image and a subtitles option is in the menu. I went into the Video formating for the Direct show on Winamp using Alt+3 and found the key bindings. It says to use ‘S’ to toggle the subtitles but that isn’t working for me. Do you have any suggestions?

  • fan

    Thank you very much!
    Before that,i even did’t know the
    Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder can work it like that !

  • To Austin:

    I kept hitting S to toggle the subtitles, and nothing happened. When I did this on my winamp, there were two little icons at the bottom of my screen in the taskbar. One was reddish and one was whiteish. The white one is where i could right click and select the subtitles that I would in VLC player. I did not notice the icons at first and it sadly took me a few hours to figure out what they were! It seemed to work fine but I don’t know if I was just lucky 🙂

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  • gr

    cool tip thanks

    but i would recommend to use FFdshow instead of installing codec packs

  • I always use to play all my favorite video mkv,mp4, rmvb and avi format in winamp in vista for 13 months now with no problem. Now im test install windows 7 (build 7100), format video mkv and mp4 cannot play correctly, i check video properties in winamp the filter use is microsoft DTV-DVD which located “msmpeg2adec.dll & msmpeg2vdc.dll”. I think my problem is conflict filter. I try to move that *.dll files to another folder, my winamp can play mkv and mp4 without any problem, but cannot play DVD anymore. Instead that i moved that *.dll files back to the original location to play dvds. I know windows 7 still under unreliable state yet. Any solution for avoid move the *.dll files? Thx in advance.

  • Corey

    I followed your steps and played an .mkv file without a hitch.. only one problem, it won’t go into full screen mode in winamp at all. When I double click on it winamp becomes unstable and eventually crashes. Any suggestions? Directshow v1.06 and winamp v5.56

  • Corey

    Disregard my question, but to anyone having the same problem: go into your ‘video options’ menu and disable the default setting ‘allow hardware video overlay.’ Once I removed this setting I was able to play MKV files in full screen mode by double clicking on the window, and haven’t had any other problems or noticed anything different with other video types.

  • ishizaki

    how do i play the limited DVDRip Xvid-ALLiance

  • ishizaki

    any one who can help me plsssss.

  • HeyHeyHey

    I can play it, but only for the audio. It seems didn’t work with the video.

  • Richyy

    Great guide, solved all my problems, thanks.

  • Mekku93

    thanks dude.
    At first I couldn’t get ti to work, but then I downloaded the DirectShow Filter Pack to update mine.
    And it worked!!

    Thanks again dude =]

  • zach

    i did this but it plays the video very slow and same with the audio how do i fix that?

  • Kenneth

    I love you ;D solved my problem so easily!

  • will

    Thanks, that got it. I tried every codec on xp sp3, and this finally got it.

  • Mirwish

    wow thanks bro 😀

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome!

  • adventuretimelolmkvtorrent

    perfect guide, thanks

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