Download ZIP Repair to Repair Damaged Zip Files

Most of us use zip format to pack files. Zip files are sometimes prone to corruption, they easily get corrupted if download gets interfered, there’s incomplete upload or sometimes due to hard disk errors. Such corrupted zip files cannot be extracted. If we try to extract them we get an error saying that the file is not a valid archive.

Well, there are many softwares out there to fix such corrupted zips but fetching for a free one isn’t easy. I found a good freeware known as ZIP Repair which is certainly worth mentioning. It is really user friendly and repairs most of the corrupted zip files. To repair a zip, you need to enter the location of the corrupted zip file and give a new name for the recovered version of the file. Next, a list of repaired files will be shown which can be extracted from the new zip archive that gets created. Lastly, the amount of files that have been repaired are listed. Once done, you’ll be able to easily extract files from the newly created zip archive.

Download ZIP Repair



One comment for “Download ZIP Repair to Repair Damaged Zip Files”

  • Mike

    This worked for me to recover about 3/4 or more of files on two corrupt JPG zips

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