How to Fix the Problem of Endless Reboots in XP after installing SP3

Most of you are already aware of the problem XP SP3 has caused to AMD configs. Well, if you don’t then let me tell you what it is. Some of the users who installed XP SP3 on their AMD configs reported that their PCs rebooted endlessly. You can check out the story over here which was covered previously.
The fix for the problem…
Jesper Johansson, once a program manager for security policy at Microsoft and currently an MVP who works at, has come up with a fix for the problem.
He has created a small 16K VBScript file which checks whether the PC is running an AMD processor, if yes; it examines the Windows registry to find out if a device driver (IntelPPM driver) meant for Intel-based machines is set to load. If it is set to load, it will offer an option in order to disable it. You can download the file from here. To run it just double click on it.

If you need to check many computers on a network you can do it by running the following script from the command line:
removeIntelPPMonAMD.vbs <computer 1> <computer 2>…

For more information have a look at the blog post on Jesper’s blog.



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