Search with Google and Yahoo Side by Side using SearchDub

Most of us usually use Google to search for stuff but if we don’t get what we want then we try searching in some other search engine or maybe the other way round. Well, whatever the case maybe we don’t really know which search engine would give us more appropriate results for a particular keyword. SearchDub is a website which allows you to search with two different search engines side by side with split screens.

You can compare search results from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Altavista. It’s really useful if you want to compare search results of two search engines or prices between two sites or any other thing for that matter. I feel the only disadvantage is the congestion between the boxes, there’s lot of clutter or else it’s a pretty cool idea.



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  • Mal

    First of all thanks for your review of our website
    I created this website a few years ago, mainly for personal use for us to use as a comparison engine to get the best prices on products. It worked well for us. Now we are constantly receiving emails from regular user praising our work.
    We had a meeting yesterday to discuss and what we should do with it. This meeting is set to continue 15/11/2008 I will write back when I know more.

    Thanks for your continued support

  • I like the concept of the side by side search and the idea of making money through the site.

    I have found a better side by side comparison though. Try

    It looks like it is still in the works but I love the concept and I can even recommend links for searches I have made.

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