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Download Comodo Firewall Pro for Free, a Complete Firewall Protection for your PC

With internet threats increasing day by day, it’s really important to have a good firewall in our computers in order to defend against dangerous internet threats. Usually most of the internet users have an antivirus program installed in theirs pc’s which they think is more than enough to defend threats. But the fact is that you’re only partially protected, therefore it’s essential to have a good firewall program as well. The reason is simple; as long as your internet connection is open it’s like an open door to hackers. A firewall basically makes your pc invisible to most of the hackers. So, if your pc is invisible no hacker can break into your pc. Your secondary defense is your Antivirus program.

Block Access to any Website from your Computer Using Any weblock

Internet is growing faster and better every day. Taking this into consideration we should also keep in mind that the unhealthy sites also keep growing day by day which aren’t safe for young children. Nowadays the number of young internet users are increasing, therefore it becomes very crucial to block those unhealthy and dangerous sites from access of young children.

Well, blocking sites is really easy as we can do it directly from the browser itself. But blocking a site in a particular browser doesn’t prevent access to the site from another browser. So, it becomes essential to have a single utility which can control and manage access to websites.

How to add Smilies/ Emoticons in Google Talk (Gtalk)

I really love to use similes while chatting, without smilies I feel I’m missing an essential chatting feature. Well, unfortunately GTalk doesn’t have smilies included by default due to which I don’t feel like using GTalk. I was very curious to know if it was possible to add smilies into GTalk and to my surprise I found a way to do so while I was surfing. Anthony has stated a wonderful idea on his website which allows one to add smilies in GTalk.

15 Top Alternative Web Browsers

Most of us usually use the default internet explorer installed in the pc to surf websites. But now, days have changed many things have innovated. We must try something different and better. Some of you might not be aware of the fact that there are several other internet browsers out there which are better than IE and offer better features. Well, I’m not saying that if you are using IE you must dump it and use some other browser. I’m just trying to say that you must give a try to something different, you might find it better. Well, I’ve compiled a list of top alternative web browsers after a thorough study, here they are:

Download and Manage Torrents in Facebook using uFacebook App

If you download a lot of torrents and at the same time also visit Facebook frequently then there’s a good app for you known as uFacebook to make downloading and managing torrents easier. The uFacebook app helps you to control download and upload of torrents in Facebook itself.

How to Resize a Non resizable Window or Dialog Box

Sometimes we come across dialog boxes or windows which cannot be resized by clicking on the corner. For instance in Microsoft Hearts window, we aren’t able to resize the window. Despite having a maximize button we aren’t able to maximize the window as the button is blurred and unclickable.

10 Free Softwares for Protecting Private Files and Folders

Sometimes if there are many users who use the same computer it becomes a little difficult to protect your data, especially if you have certain confidential info, passwords, private pics, videos, etc. For this reason it’s very essential to have a good protection software. Files are usually protected by making them invisible or by assigning a password. File protection software’s are usually very expensive. But there are a few softwares available for free which do the job. I compiled a small list after carrying out a big search for the available freewares, here they are:

Build and Download your own Fonts using FontStruct

I have seen several beautiful fonts over the net. I was wondering if designing fonts is really that easy. At the same time I came across a service- FontStruct which allows you to construct your own fonts. You can not only design your own fonts using this service but also download and share them among your friends. Pretty cool isn’t it?

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