How to Make Folders and Shortcut Icons Invisible in Vista and XP

Making Folders invisible:

1. First of all create a new folder.

2. Right Click on the folder and select ‘Rename’. Hold the ‘Alt’ key and type in 0160. Press Enter. You’ll notice that the folder will have no name.

3. The final step is to change the icon in order to make it invisible. Right click on the folder and go to Properties > Customize > Change the icon > Select the blank one (there are about three of them, choose any one) > Ok.

Making Shortcuts invisible:

1. Right Click on the icon and select ‘Rename’ to rename it. Hold the ‘Alt’ key and type in 0160. Press Enter. You’ll notice that the icon will have no name.

2. Right click on the shortcut and go to Properties > Shortcut > Change icon… > Select the blank one (there are about three of them, choose any one) > Ok.

Now unlike in folders you’ll notice that shortcuts have arrows which still don’t go off. You need to download a small tool- TweakUI in order to remove it.

3. Download TweakUI from here ( size:147KB) and install it.

4. Now start the program and go to Explorer> Shortcut> Shortcut overlay.

5. Select the shortcut overlay to ‘None’ then click ‘Ok’

6. That’s it now you’ll find your shortcut icon invisible.

If you can’t seem to get it right feel free to comment here, I’ll try my best to help you out.



37 comments for “How to Make Folders and Shortcut Icons Invisible in Vista and XP”

  • Great! Now I know! Thanks!

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    Never really thought of doing this, but it could come in handy.

    VOTED for you at:

  • Thanks Geoserv 🙂

  • logan

    when i hold down alt and type in 0610 and press enter nothing happens

  • NTE

    I somehow did this to a whole folder: is there a way to undo it? All the sub folders names are hidden, and I don’t want them to be. Any clues would be great! Thanks

  • Great site, thanks for the post!! =)

  • Rapster88

    is there anyway to remove those hidden folders?

  • Meh. If the person was really determined they could just select all (Ctrl + A), or drag a selection box across the entire folder space.

  • Thanks for the tutorial! Not much different then the old windows!

  • this was really helpful thanks for posting

  • Beans

    Ummmm that sucks it didn’t do anything just made that noise when i tried to type 0160….. truly jibbed….

  • reapsltd666

    i cant rename the folder when i do the alt 0160 thing nor can i delete it. i had to make a new folder and just put everything in their, can someone help me please. using vista ultimate

  • jubsjune1996

    can you give me some advice? i tried it and the folder became invisible but the name was still there. is there a way that i can make the name invisible too?

  • Nethogen07

    I did this and now when i restart my computer a black box appers…how can i get it to go away?


    To delete on Vista

    Download Winrar, right click folder go to “Add to archive”. There is a list of boxs in the following screen, check the one beside “Delete files after archived”. hit apply/ok, let it archive, the folder will be gone. Then, delete the Archive, Voila, Fixed.

  • hell.boy

    but in my system when i press ALT and type 0160 nothing happens
    you fuck you have to type in 0160

  • @ hell.boy

    The post written above has been tested on my pc and the screenshots that you see are all taken during the process.

    Before you use vulgar language think twice.

  • NinjaBunny

    logan??? you have to press 0160?? it doesn’t work because you press the wrong numbers??

  • Andrew

    Thank you Golfer!!!

  • apek

    hey after i make the invisible folder then i want to delete the folder it can’t be delete… how come?

  • evonne

    if the alt+0160 isn’t working for you, make sure you’re using the number pad! using just the row of numbers above the qwerty doesn’t work. for a laptop, check and see if there’s a pseudo-numpad that uses the fn key. then you can just hold down the fn and alt at the same time while typing in 0160

  • thedownz

    If 0160 isn’t working try Alt (the left one) + 255

  • Nice tip, please post more!

  • GnakG!

    you could just make a folder, hide it like you said, and put the shortcut in there instead of having to download a program to remove the shortcut symbol.

  • needhelp

    when i rename and hold alt and type 0160 and release alt and press enter the name still has words on it need help mine is vista dell

  • Priyavrat

    Same problem … 0160 is not working… i have xp installed…
    Nothing happens only….

  • BiggGuy

    The alt 0160 wasn’t working on my laptop but it worked on my desktop. I went back to the laptop, turned on num lk and used the second set of number keys given (not the ones across the top of the keyboard) and it worked fine. Hopefully this can help someone else. (It’s vista in case anyone cares)

  • Martin

    If the alt 0160 isn’t working for you then I’m guessing you are on a laptop. You have to hold alt+Fn keys and then type the numbers using the secondary number pad. Take a look at your keyboard, under/right next to the letter U you will probably see a tiny 4, and then a tiny 5 on the next key, etc… Use that numberpad. It works, you just have to do it right.

  • Timic

    One Thing. Im On A Computer And I Have Vista. I Hold The Alt Key And Type “0160” And The Result Is Nothig SO I Try Going To Properties And Backspace All The Words An Press Ok But It Ends Up Saying ” Cannot Rename New Folder:
    A File With The Name You Specified
    Allready Exists. Specify A Different File Name”. Please Email Back On The Comment.

    Yours Sincerly

    ~ Hackerofpranks~

    Boss Timic

  • probir

    i am using vista home edition on laptop. i have created the folder without any name on desktop successfully. but now i want to delete the folder but i am not able to do so. please suggest any method to do the same.

  • Conrad

    If you’re on Vista and the Alt code won’t work, you must go to the character map and copy a blank character into the name. Also, my blank icon gets replaced with a black box upon startup. Any help?

  • greatful

    yes you HAVE to use the number pad.
    the top row doesn’t work but te number pad does.

  • God

    Yes I’ve done it!

    Okay guys listen up this tutorial is useless just line any other!

    Making the folder invisible is easy…

    Renaming the folder is harder on vista and the stupid code doesn’t work.

    So what I did I went on my XP copied the invisible letter code pasted it on notepad, re-copied it to the invisible folder and it’s invisible now!

    Here is the code ( )

  • flo

    any idea how to make more that one invisible shortcut in the same folder(desktop)… because you can’t make 2 shortcuts with the same name “alt+0160” ??

  • C.J

    For people having trouble with making this work successfully, make sure that you use the numeric keypad to type the numbers, not the row of numbers at the top of the keyboard. This is where I got confused at first.

  • disqus_9qqt0yztHO

    im left with a very thin semi transparent white square where the icon would be…?

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