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Minimize Windows to Your System Tray using TrayIt

If you minimize several windows to your taskbar, it will result in a lot of clutter. You may end up clicking the wrong window or closing one of them accidently. TrayIt is an application which allows you to save the precious Taskbar space by minimizing windows in to the system tray (the one located in the right bottom of your screen). Each minimized window will be represented as a small icon in the system tray.

Backup Files to your Email using Backup To Email

Nowadays most of the email providers provide us with a lot of storage space. I use Gmail and I have around 7GB of storage space out of which I have hardly used 300Mb. I got hold of a software- “Backup To Email” which helps us to make good use of this vast storage space. Guess what? We can use an email account to backup our files. Moreover we can do it just a single click!

5 Tips to Save your Wet Cell Phone

Dropped your cell phone in your wash basin, toilet, or got wet in rain? Well don’t worry; if you are fast you can save your phone. Just follow the below steps carefully:

Get it out of water:
First of all get it out of water as soon as possible. Well, if you are too late then it’s useless so you should be quick enough to remove it out.

3 Softwares to Back Up and Restore Windows Drivers

Usually we install drivers from CDs provided by the vendors. But when you have many of them, it’s a bit difficult to store them. There are chances that you might lose a CD or the CD might get damaged. Well, we can find drivers from the net. But finding one that’s compatible with your system is time consuming. Moreover if you reinstall your Operating system then you’ll have to install several drivers and fetching them over the net isn’t easy. Well, there are a few software which backup and restore the drivers, here they are:

Download EA FIFA 2008 for Nokia N-gage for Free

If you have a Nokia phone with engage (i.e; Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB) then you would be excited to know that you can get a free copy of EA FIFA 2008 for your mobile. This offer started yesterday and will end on the 30th of April and is limited to first 20,000 licenses.

15 Essential Windows Explorer Addons

Copy files faster:
Total Copy is an improved version of Windows’ copy-function which copies slightly faster than Windows. With this app you can pause the copy-processes, and continue later. The best part of this app is that you can resume the copy process when you restart your pc. This is really helpful especially in case of power-loss or system-crash.

How to Recover Deleted Items from Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007

If you accidently deleted items like Emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc from your mailbox using Outlook, you can recover them as they are first transferred to the Deleted Items folder of that mailbox. But even if you delete them from the Deleted Items folder you can still recover them. This feature is enabled by default in Outlook 2007 but if you are using 2003 then you’ll have to modify your system registry.

How to Save and Restore the Layout of Windows Desktop Icons

If you share your PC with someone else then you might get bugged at times when the settings, icon layouts, wallpaper, etc are changed. I have seen many people who have loads of icons on their Desktops, you can hardly see the desktop wallpaper because of the huge number of icons. Such people don’t like to get their icons get mixed up, as fetching for a particular icon in that mess is really painful. Well, there’s a program which saves your desktop icon layout and restores it whenever you want in order to save you from the trouble of fetching your icon.

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