Repair and Recover Corrupted or Partially Damaged ZIP Archives with Object Fix Zip

Object Fix Zip is a program for repairing corrupted or partially damaged Zip archive files. It reconstructs a Zip file by creating a new Zip archive after recovering the contents of the corrupted Zip file. This software also helps in fixing and processing of unusable ZIP archive files that were not completely downloaded.
How to recover ZIP archives with Object Fix Zip:


1. Select the ZIP files to be checked and click Next.

2. Now tick the box ‘ZIP file data integrity’ to check archives for data corruption. Now if you want to repair the archive tick the second box ‘Fix/repair archive’ and select the output directory and enter the new file name. You can also extract the ZIP contents after recovery by ticking the third box ‘Extract ZIP file contents’. Enter the location where you would like to extract files. Click next.


3. Now the recovery process will start. It might take a few minutes or maybe hours depending upon the file to be recovered.

Download Object Fix Zip- (EXE) (ZIP)



One comment for “Repair and Recover Corrupted or Partially Damaged ZIP Archives with Object Fix Zip”

  • zlatan24

    Where is fine tool-zipfix, uses a sophisticated algorithm to fix corrupted zip files and recover your *.zip archive, can process Zip files, larger, than 2 GB and restore Zip files from damaged media, such as CD, DVD, floppy disks or any other removable media, restore corrupted files with *.zip extension in local area network.

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