How to Disable the AutoScroll Feature in Firefox

The round “Auto Scroll” icon is sometimes really annoying, especially when you try to middle click on a link and you miss it. The page starts moving and scrolling by itself. Well, if you don’t like it then there’s a way to disable it. You can do so by going to Options> Advanced> and then uncheck “Use autoscrolling” box as shown below.



4 comments for “How to Disable the AutoScroll Feature in Firefox”

  • Sunit Pareek

    I came to know of something.. else.. but new.. :-?…..
    after reading this post.. at least new for me..

    That when u “middle click” a link in firefox… it opens in a new tab.. nice. thanx. :)

  • James Verbunk

    Optionally, you can type about:config into the browser address bar, filter by middlemouse and enable middle mouse as a paste key (just dbl click it). Works great!

  • bob

    what if i want to disable the anoying open URL feature instead
    i like the auto scroll and hate it when i middle click on a link and get a new tab, i just want to scroll

  • Ben

    Thanks for your post! This was the missing hint I was searching for nearly 15 minutes to find! And so simple: No about:config hassling; just a checkbox.

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