Portable Rotary Phone- Old Fashioned yet Modern

The portable rotary phone might look a little bit old fashioned but certainly does have modern features. It is an old portable rotary phone modified to function like a mobile phone. To use this thing you need to insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on. The unit will utilize your phone number and account minutes.

The interesting part is that the phone has a dial tone and what keeps the retro mood alive is that this phone dials out through the rotary and the incoming calls ring the original, loud, gong style metal bells. It also has a internal cellular module works within any country that has one of the 900MHz, 1800MHz, or 1900MHz cellular bands.

The phone can be charged by an external jack on the rear of the phone. The battery backup is pretty strong capable of surviving up to 4 days. The phone is priced at $299.95, you can get one from here.



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