10 Geeky Easter Eggs for Easter

1. Mac OSX Easter Eggs:
a. Mac OS X – “Suck” Minimize Effect:
In OS X there are two minimization effects: Genie and Scale which can be switched between in system preferences. But in reality there is a third effect known as Suck which is not available in the system preferences. You can use it by doing the following:
1. Open a terminal window.
2. Now type the following:
“defaults write com.apple.dock mineffect -string suck” (no quotation marks)
3. Restart your computer for changes to take effect.

b. Mac OS X Leopard, Blue Screen of Death:
Connect a Non-Mac PC to your network in Leopard and then go to Finder. Now in the side bar to the left an icon will appear under Devices that resembles an old CRT monitor with the infamous Blue Screen of Death! If you would like to take a closer look use Cover Flow.


c. Mac OS X – Here’s to the Crazy Ones:
Open Finder and Go to Applications. Now look for TextEdit. Enlarge the icon in CoverFlow, you’ll see a letter from John Appleseed quoting the text from Apple’s famous “Think Different” advertising campaign.

Dear Kate,
Here’s to the crazy ones.
The misfits. The rebels.
The troublemakers. The round
pegs in the square holes – the
ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules and
they have no respect for
the status quo. You can praise
them, disagree with them,
quote them, disbelieve them,
glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing that you
can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
Take care,
John Appleseed

2) Gnome Easter Eggs:

a. Gnome – Wanda a Fish:
Goto the run dialog in Gnome and type “free the fish” without quotes and hit the Run Button.
You’ll see a fish called Wanda wandering around the desktop.


b. Gnome- gegls from outer space:
Press Alt-F2 keys together to bring up the Run Applications dialog. Now type “gegls from outer space” without quotes and hit enter. You’ll get a game a Space Invaders kind of game with cows.

3) Windows Xp Eggs:a. Minesweeper:
How to reveal Mines in the game:
1. First Minimize or close all running applications.
2. Start the Minesweeper game from the start menu.
3. Type ‘xyzzy’ and hold down the shift key for one second.
4. Now move the cursor over a Minesweeper square you will notice a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop screen. This pixel will change to black when your mouse moves over a mine. Make sure you dont have a white or black color desktop!

 b. In Notepad:
1. Launch Notepad, Type .LOG on the first line, and then press Enter to move to the next line.
2. On the File menu, click Save As, give any name as you like and save the file and close it.
3. Open the file again, youll notice that that the date and time have been appended to the end of the log.

c. In Paint:(Getting 10x Zoom):
Open an image and select the magnifying glass icon. Left-Click exactly on the line below the 8x.

d. Pinball secrets:
1. Type 1max at the start of a new ball to get extra balls.
2. Type gmax at the start of a new game to activate the Gravity Well.
3. Type rmax at the start of a new game to go up in ranks.
4. Type bmax at the start of a new ball. This will give you unlimited balls. Once this is activated you will be unable to activate other secrets without restarting the game.
5. Type in “test mode” at the start of a new game. Now type in following in game:
H- GET A 1,000,000,000 high score
M- shows the amount of system memory
R- increase your rank in game
Y- shows the frame/sec rate
6. Typing “hidden test” will allow you to move the ball with the mouse by clicking and dragging.

e. FreeCell:
Wanna win a Free cell game instantly?? Start a new game and Hold down Ctrl + Shift + F10 during game play. Then you will be asked if you want to Abort, Retry or Ignore. Select Abort, and then move any card to win the game.



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