5 Awesome Web OS You Shouldn’t Miss to Give a Try

Web OS are operating systems which run over the internet rather than on the local computer. A web-based desktop mimics the look, feel and functionality of a local PC, all within one browser window and fully accessible from anywhere. With a Web OS you can store files, access files, play games, music, etc just like you do on your pc. You don’t have to carry files wherever you go. If you have a Web OS account then you can store your data there and access it from any part of the world. Moreover you don’t need to worry about installing latest softwares. In addition to this the security level is really high and there’s hardly any downtime involved. So you can expect your OS to be alive most of the time.
Here are 5 Web OS which have really great features:

Desktoptwo was launched in August 06. It currently has more than 160,000 active users. It has a combined GUI of Windows and Mac. It’s free and open source. You get a storage space of 1GB which can be used for storing your data. Some of the other features included are:
An Email client, Address book, Website editor, Blog enabled for blinkinblog or myblogtwo, Instant messaging, MP3 player, OpenOffice, Message boards, RSS reader, My SitesTwo (site bookmarking and sharing), DesktopTwo live chat.

eyeOS is an open source web operating system with a GUI pretty much similar to Mac. It provides a default desktop with some base applications and the ability of developing new applications with the eyeOS Toolkit, the integrated IDE, which can be installed through the ports-based eyeSoft system. This allows anyone to create their own repository for eyeOS and distribute their eyeOS Applications automatically to its users. The idea behind eyeOS is to provide a full operating system, web based, which can be accessed from everywhere, with any Internet-capable device. It has the following base applications included:
editLink – Utility to edit system links
eyeCalc – Widget, Basic Calculator
eyeCalendar – Calendar Application
eyeChess – Chess Game
eyeContacts – Contacts Management Application
eyeDocs – Word Processor, provides the ability of saving Word-compatible documents
eyeFiles – File management tool. Includes many plugins for managing the files, such as Upload, Download, Download as Zip file, Copy, Paste, etc.
eyeGroups – User Groups management tool
eyeInstaller – Application to install eyePackages, individual packages for the system
eyeMp3 – Mp3 player
eyeNav – Integrated Web Browser
eyeNotes – Text editor
eyeProcess – Process Management application
eyeRSS – Feed reader
eyeSoft – Ports-based system, which comes by default with the official eyeOS repository
eyeTrash – Recycle bin
eyeZip – Utility to uncompress zip files that have been uploaded to the system


G.HO.ST is based mainly on Flash. It has a GUI interface pretty much similar to Windows. G.HO.ST provides you with 3GB of free storage space. You can integrate it with third-party web applications like Google Docs, ThinkFree, Meebo and Zoho. You can also access Mail, calendar, and contacts programs. The best part is that you can Link to other internet resources and add them in My Items. It also includes Desktop widgets like RSS reader, clock, and weather.


YouOS was first started in late December 2005 as an experimental, collaborative web operating system. It uses JavaScript to communicate with the remote server. This allows users to save the current desktop state to return to later, much like the hibernation feature in many true operating systems, and for multiple users to collaborate using a single environment. YouOS features built-in sharing of music, documents and other files. The software is currently in alpha stage. Some of the included apps are:
FlickRSS – thumbnail flickr browser
YouBrowser – web browser
YouBuddy – buddy list application
YouChat – local IRC application
YouEditor – rich text editor
YouFeeds – feed aggregator
YouFiles – file manager
YouFS Uploader – file upload application (uses Java)
YouNES – NES emulator
YouNiversalChat – universally translated chat room
YouProc – processes manager
YouShell – command line interpreter
YouSticky – persistent sticky notes
WhereWolf – web browser


Desktop On Demand:
Desktop On Demand uses Java and NX technology as its base. The GUI is a mixture of Linux and windows. A DoD account provides 1 GB of remote storage space, and additional space can be purchased. Some of the softwares included are:
Web browser – Epiphany
Full featured email client – Evolution
Microsoft Office™ compatible word processor – AbiWord
Multi-protocol IM – GAIM
Media player – VLC
Photo editor – GIMP
Password manager – Revelation
Desktop searching – Meta Tracker
Download manager – gwget

Other WebOS:

Exo Portal



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