12 Search Engines to Search Rapidshare Files

Rapidshare is well known for its great file-sharing service. But unfortunately, Rapidshare lacks a search feature to search files. The main reason for this is avoid searching of copyrighted files by their legal owners getting illegally distributed by this pirate friendly file-hosting service.

There are a lot of search engines to search rapidshare files; but here are a few widely used ones:
FilesBot.com– Search RapidShare, MegaUpload, Uploading & FileFactory.
SearchSharedFiles – It searches from huge number of services.
RapidFox.Com– Great Search engine for rapidshare files
Rapidshare1.com- Search engine for RapidShare.
Filez– Search RapidShare Files on the fly.(NOTE: Search results may contain adult ads)
MegaDownload– Search Rapidshare & MegaUpload files.
Hellafiles.com– Rapidshare and Megaupload search engine.
Rapidshare Search– Exclusive search engine for Rapidshare.com & Rapidshare.de
OneClickFiles – Besides search it has lots of recent search links.
FileSearcher– For Rapidshare, megaupload & other general search.
ShareMiner– Search upto 10 popular file hosting services in one go.
FileSearch– RapidShare Search engine.

Oplahol.com-  Fast search engine for searching various files



17 comments for “12 Search Engines to Search Rapidshare Files”

  • http://www.onlygizmos.com Ankur

    Hmm Google dosnt make it to this list, it already has enough privacy and IPR issues in hand .. he he

  • Andriu

    I’am using http://www.oplahol.com , is also very good and fast file search engine.


  • http://www.bizzntech.com Joel

    That’s a nice search engine…
    Thanks for mentioning here. I’ll add it to the list

  • http://www.shufs.com Mark

    I just started using http://www.shufs.com it has less screen clutter 😀

  • FiFtHeLeMeNt

    http://crawlrapidshare.com/ has a new technology , I believe it is the best

  • joth

    I use http://rapidlibrary.com/ as a Rapidshare files searcher.It hasn’t importunate advertisement

  • ALEX
  • http://fileknow.com/ Mike

    I prefer http://fileknow.com/ as rapidshare search engine

  • http://ineedfile.com INeedFile.com

    Try ineedfile.com to look for rapidshare files. I using it regularly and allways satisfied with the results.
    There are lot’s of search engines but i think that ineedfile is trully the best.
    It’s redesigned now and looks much more beter. More than 7 000 000 files in their database.
    They offer search toolbars for FF and IE. They also offer search bar for your site.

  • FiFtHeLeMeNt

    Nice List , Thank you.
    But The Best I found is http://www.crawlrapidshare.com
    it searches the net in real time.
    I suggest you to add this to your list 😉

  • Neil

    New Rapid Hunter is one of the best Rapidshare search engines.

    It should be in your top 12!


  • http://crutoshare.com/ Shmales

    using http://crutoshare.com/
    good rapidshare search

  • http://www.megafreshlinks.com Megafreshlinks


    Just to let you know my new megaupload search engine dedicated to .avi:


    thanks for the add.

  • the dude

    http://rapidpond.com and http://filespond.com are pretty good. check those out.

  • Dave

    What about http://www.filekingdom.com , its one of the biggest File Search engines on the net today, I am very surprised you didn’t add this to your list

  • salman

    http://www.files1.com is also a very good search engine

  • http://shortnews.com Yolonda

    the fresh mac selection is becoming produced soon, yay

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