eBoostr- Ready Boost For Windows Xp

While browsing I came across a small tool- eBoostr, which allows you to use an additional flash drive/ HD as another layer of performance in Xp. It’s something similar to the ReadyBoost feature in Vista. As there’s no ReadyBoost feature in Xp, this tool works great. eBoostr smart caches frequently used applications and files for maximum performance speed up. You can add upto 4 devices for simultaneous caching. You can add both USB and non-USB removable media devices.

The software is priced at $29, you can buy it from here. You can try the trail version of the software by downloading it from here. The trial version is fully functional only for 4 hours after each system boot.



2 comments for “eBoostr- Ready Boost For Windows Xp”

  • Nice tool. I’ll try it and give my results.

  • I finally tried using it. It’s easy to configure though it took quite some time to build a cache (around 15 mins). After that it started working fine. It can use upto 976 MB(it creates a .dat file) on your pendrive (may differ. I used a 4 GB Kingston DataTraveller). It improved my computer performance a bit. Firefox and some other applications start quite faster than before. I’m also able to browse when a game is minimized in the background (My computer used to hang when I did this before). I won’t say this is a must have, but still, you can try it out when you are free.

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