A Quick Tip to Boost Your RAM

Here’s a small and easy tip which will help you to speed up your pc when it’s a bit slow or sluggish. This trick works for both Windows Xp as well as Windows Vista. Follow the below instructions in order to boost your RAM:

1. Go to start> Accessories> Notepad

2. Type in MYSTRING=(80000000)

3. Save the file as MEMORY.VBE on your Desktop

4. That’s it; now whenever your pc gets a bit slow or sluggish just double click MEMORY.VBE.

NOTE: If you have less than 128mb of RAM then instead of writing 80000000, write 160000000. Well nowadays I don’t think anyone has less than 128mn of RAM.




3 comments for “A Quick Tip to Boost Your RAM”

  • I tried doing this and i have 256 mb sd ram, but its displaying an error msg wen i double-click it, well what does it actually do, i mean how does it help to improve the speed.

  • Arman

    what does this do exactly?

  • It allocates a load of 80mb of memory. Suppose your computer suddenly gets slow, you click it, then the application in use will take more of memory.

    But theres a drawback, there are chances that unecessary apps may turn out to use more of memory.

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