5 Cool Windows Vista Themes For Windows Xp

Most of us really love the eye candy look of Windows Vista but due to its resource hogging, buggy nature and several other reasons we are still using Xp. You might have seen many transformation packs to transform your Xp into Vista, they look cool but the problem is they slow down your pc.

Well here’s a simple way to get the Vista look on your Xp within few minutes. Using Visual styles you can give your Xp a stunning look. Just follow the below steps carefully:

1. Download the patched uxtheme.dll from here.

2. Now rename the original file which can be found in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder of your Windows XP installation to uxtheme.dll.old and copy the downloaded version into system32.

3. You‘ll have to restart your computer so that the new changes take effect.

4. Now download any of the themes from below and extract them into C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes

5. Go to Desktop> Properties> Appearance, you can choose between the themes you added.

6. Click Apply>ok.

Razor VistaÂ



Vista VGÂ




VistaMax 1.0

 Vista Blues



3 comments for “5 Cool Windows Vista Themes For Windows Xp”

  • W-O-W! Never knew it would be so simple. This only marginally slowed down my computer compared to the transformation packs!

  • Samme

    The themes provided above worked, But not completely because the folders icons,& all other icons are still in windows XP format.

  • lee

    im having difficulty and would really appreciate some help i have followed your steps provided but my comp has changed into a simple style and wont change back into normal xp theme!

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