Rapidshare Hacks and Tools

If you aren’t a premium user then you might have got bugged with the download time limits in rapidshare. Moreover, rapidshare also limits the size of the files that you download to 30 megabytes every hour.

So, how to get around this thing?
To set the download time limit to 0, you can do the following:
In the address bar type “javascript:alert(c=0)” .
Note: This won’t change the download limit
To remove the download limit, you can do the following:
1. If you have a dynamic IP, you can try reconnecting your net by restarting the modem.
2. Rapidshare sets a cookie which you will have to delete, (In Firefox go to Tools, Options> Select Privacy> Cookies> View Cookies and delete all rapidshare cookies.)
If this doesn’t work you can try out the following commands by going to Start>Run
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
If the above doesn’t work, the last alternative is to use a proxy. You can find many by a doing a search for ‘proxy lists’ but most of them might be either slow or might not work.
Rapidshare Tools:

Here are a few rapidshare tools which will help you to manage your downloads, change proxies, download simultaneously by using more than one proxy, etc.

Rapidshare Link Grab Helper: It allows multiple simultaneous downloads by using proxies. With advanced built-in downloader you can prioritize your downloads (using Speed Limiter).

It also contains all tools you need to cheat Rapidshare free-service:
* Link Collector (My Link Store)
* Proxy Checker (ESSENTIAL)
* Link Checker (Check your links before downloading!)
* IP Renew option (for those with dynamic IPs)
* Rapidshare explorer (search files on Rapidshare via Google)
Rapget: RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as rapidshare.de, megaupload.com, slil.ru and others. The program allows you to select a proxy list that it uses automatically while downloading from rapidshare or the other services. You can enjoy simultaneous rapidshare downloads. In addition to this you can also set timeouts, schedule downloads and paste links from files or the clipboard.
RapidHacker: It’s a small tool to bypass waiting limit at rapidshare.com
Grabber: It looks similar to the rapidshare link grab helper with some additional options such as proxy and link checking.

RapidDowner: It can bypass the 110 minute waiting time limit and make it in a few minutes. Built on the .Net Framework and forum supported.

Rapidleecher: RapidLeecher is the ultimate, easy to use and free software to leech links from file share service Rapidshare, you just paste the link and your download will automatically get downloaded to your desktop with maximum speeds and minimal user interaction. The free software also has support for using proxy servers so that you can download many files at the same time (using different proxy).



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