Reduce Firefox Memory Usage With Ultimate Optimizer

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is a small program which helps to reduce memory usage in Firefox. The interesting part as you can see in the pic is that it almost reduces the memory usage to 100-250 kilobytes! Well I’m a bit surprised with that. Normally whenever you start Firefox without opening any tabs the memory usage is around 25-30MB. After I used the Firefox ultimate optimizer the memory usage was down to 216 kilobytes! Cool isn’t it?

How to use?

1. Download the .zip file from here.(Link2)
2. Extract it to a separate folder.

3. Start Firefox Ultimate Optimizer.exe, it will be minimized to taskbar.
4. Now you can start Firefox



5 comments for “Reduce Firefox Memory Usage With Ultimate Optimizer”

  • Hypnotic

    This thing is full of spyware don’t download it.

  • Sho

    I’m using firefox as well, but i have doubts in that Firefox Ultimate Optimizer also.
    Now,I don’t use task manager but Sysinternals “process explorer” wich is more thorough
    In first picture you can see firefox running with some page opened ( )and memory consumption is ~45 MB
    in second picture ( )Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is running as well but there is same memory consumption and now Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is eating aditional 16 MB

    Firefox Ultimate Optimizer, really ???

  • Hi Sho,

    Unfortunately i’m not able to view the images that you uploaded.

    Well anyways its a good point that you have pointed out. There were a lot of criticisms regarding this app. People used to say that it reduced the mem usage but it actually increased the CPU usage.

    Now you have pointed out that it even uses more memory. it may or may not be true. But most of the time sysinternals explorer gives accurate results.

    It would be nice if you could upload those screenies to some other location so that I could view them.


  • Sho
  • TimC

    I tested out Firefox Ultimate Optimizer and it does the job exactly like it says. Keeps Firefox RAM memory usage extremely low, however, it’s also true that it greatly increases your CPU usage. IF YOUR POWER SUPPLY STARTS TO MAKE NOISE OR MORE NOISE THAN USUAL, DO NOT USE IT!!! IT MEANS IT’S USING A LOT OF UR VIRTUAL MEMORY (CPU USAGE)AND OVERTIME COULD DAMAGE HARDWARE

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