Concealar: Hide Text Inside Images

Concealar is a software which allows you to hide text inside images. So how would this be useful? You might like to protect private data when it goes through web, or like to share messages with your geeky girl friend without her dad poking in. Seems interesting isn’t it?

How to use:

1. Select an image file in which text is to be hidden.

2. Type in the message which is to be hidden or browse and select the text file.

3. Now enter a password and click Fuse it.

4. Save the image.

To decrypt an image go to Decrypt>Select the picture>enter the password>click Get the message


  • Fast and Easy to use.
  • It doesn’t need the original image to get the contents back.
  • The resultant image produced doesn’t have any noise and the picture quality is as good as the original image.
  • This software provides the double protection of both cryptography & steganography to ensure your security and privacy.
  • The encryption is done with AES (a.k.a Rijndael) algorithm which is adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S government.
  • The password is hashed with SHA512.
  • It avoids detection by the commonly used steganalysis techniques.

You can download Concealar from below:


[Developers site]



5 comments for “Concealar: Hide Text Inside Images”

  • “share messages with your geeky girl friend without her dad poking in”

    lol! what a catchy phrase!

  • Yeah! Cool isn’t it

  • Hey! How do you put the avatar?

  • If you are a member on mybloglog or gravtar then the avatar will automatically appear in the comment box

  • joe

    it seems to be a good program but the download link can not open. i can’t download it. i try ( spy message ) program that is easy and secure. i sent messages to my friends hidden within pictures.
    i found it on site:

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