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Rambo4 Bloodiest Ever With Two Kills per Minute

Critics say that ‘Rambo4’ is the most violent movie of the series with over two kills per minute. Even though the movie is just 93 minutes long, it has 236 killings! That is around 2.6 every 60 seconds. Oh boy! Sounds like you gotta be ready for beheadings, disembowelments, exploding bodies every minute…

The first installment of Rambo which was released in 1982 had just one death.

Flag Icons and Buttons for Your Site

If you have a website of your own and would like to enable different features for different nationalities then you might need these flag icons and buttons. You can also use them for making different pages for different nationalities.

Flag Button Devl Kit:

Here are four round button flags of- Germany, UK, US and Austria made in photoshop. You can add your own flag by just duplicating a layer group and pasting the new flag into the respective layer. You can download the .psd file here.(Right click and save target as.)

How To Open docx Files In Older Versions Of Microsoft Office

The newer versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word have a new file format introduced in them. It’s known as .docx. This file format cannot be opened in older versions of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word. Here’s a work around to open .docx documents in older versions of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word.

5 Cool Softwares to Watch Internet TV from your PC for Free

Gone are the days when we used to use 56k dial up connections. Today, we are able to get fast internet connections from our internet providers. Watching videos online was impossible before, but now we can easily watch videos online without any glitches. Well, now you can even watch your favorite TV channels online that too for free! Here are 5 cool softwares through which you can watch online TV for free.

Find Out When Your Email Has Been Read With SpyPig

Ever wanted to know when your email has been read? SpyPig makes it possible. Now, you don’t have to guess anymore if your girl friend has read your message or not, you can catch her easily if she says she hasn’t read your message.

5 Cool Windows Vista Themes For Windows Xp

Most of us really love the eye candy look of Windows Vista but due to its resource hogging, buggy nature and several other reasons we are still using Xp. You might have seen many transformation packs to transform your Xp into Vista, they look cool but the problem is they slow down your pc.

Rapidshare Hacks and Tools

If you aren’t a premium user then you might have got bugged with the download time limits in rapidshare. Moreover, rapidshare also limits the size of the files that you download to 30 megabytes every hour.

Reduce Firefox Memory Usage With Ultimate Optimizer

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is a small program which helps to reduce memory usage in Firefox. The interesting part as you can see in the pic is that it almost reduces the memory usage to 100-250 kilobytes! Well I’m a bit surprised with that. Normally whenever you start Firefox without opening any tabs the memory usage is around 25-30MB. After I used the Firefox ultimate optimizer the memory usage was down to 216 kilobytes! Cool isn’t it?

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