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Most Downloaded Freewares Of 2007

Most of us don’t like to spend on softwares and hence fetch for freewares. As long as the freeware serves the purpose it’s great. Moreover you don’t have any sort of activation problems like you have in trial versions of softwares. has published a list of most popular freewares for the year 2007. I just grouped them under respective categories. So here’s the list of most popular freewares of the year 2007:

Time Cube Clock

Nowadays you get to see different varieties of clocks. Here’s a great one- Time cube clock. It gets its name from its cube shape. Instead of conventional hands, at the corner of the cube there are three triangular layers which represent the second’s hand, minute hand and the hour hand.

Water Powered Calculator

A water powered calculator is really useful especially if you have to do your math in a place where there is no sunlight. Nowadays people don’t really like battery powered calculators, most of them use solar powered ones. So here is a great alternative- a water powered calculator.

How To Make Your Windows Look Like Mac

How about getting the Mac look on your Windows? Great isn’t it? FlyakiteOSX is an application which transforms your boring windows look into glossy OS X look. Well it won’t give you the whole Mac look but it’s pretty much close to the OS X.

Great Looking 3D Tattoos

Nowadays we get to see a lot of 3D everywhere. And look what I came across! Few great looking 3D tattoos. The detail in these tattoos is really awesome. Oh boy they look damn realistic. I really liked the sand monster and the terminator arm.

How To Animate Your Start Menu User Pic In Vista

There were certain features in the Vistas previous builds which have been removed from the final version. The animated user picture was one of the features which were removed. But you don’t really need to worry now as few people have come up with some great utilities to get such features working.Ave’s Vista Stuff has an app which is known as 3D User Picture which enables the animated start menu user pic feature again.

You can do so by following the below steps:

How To Recover Data From Scratched CDs And DVDs

Most of you might have experienced problems with scratched CDs and DVDs. It’s due to scratches your DVD and CD player is unable to read the data in the disc giving rise to reading errors. In the case of audio CDs, the CD skips when we play it.

What really happens when you insert a scratched disc in your player?

A CD’s/DVD’s data is recorded on a metal layer inside it, a silvered layer on commercial CDs, which is usually golden on CD-Rs. The metal layer is located inside a transparent plastic covering known as polycarbonate which is used to protect the disc’s metal layer.

A Quick Tip To Speedup Xp Startup

Here’s a quick tip to speed up your Xp startup. You can also use this tip if your computer takes a long time to become useable after starting up or logging. Just follow the below steps:

  • First go to Start > Run
  • Now type “msconfig”
  • On the Startup tab click Disable All and on the Services tab check the Hide All Microsoft Service box and then click Disable All.
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