KD Player With Skins For Sony Ericsson Phones

KD Player For Sony Ericsson phones:

The KD player is a music player for Sony Ericsson phones which can be used instead of default Walkman player or normal player. This player has a feature to show album art, so in case you have a walkman v1.0 player then you might like to use this one. It can be installed on most of the SE sets with 176*220, 240*320 and 128*160 screen resolutions.

You can switch between various player skins without patching the firmware. I have included few skins below:How to install:

1. Download the KD player from below.
2. Copy it to your cell phone.
3. Install it.

How to apply skins:

1. First copy the skin files to your ‘Other’ folder in your cell phone. (Copy both kdi and kds files)
2. Start the KD player.
3. Once main menu appears, go to menu> more> Change Skin > Open Skin File.
4. Now keep pressing select until you reach the ‘Other’ folder where you have stored the skin.
5. Select the skin and apply it.

KD player 0.8.6 for 240*320
KD player 0.8.6 for 176*220
KD player 0.8.6 for 128*160
KD player 0.8.9 for 240*320
KD Player 0.9.6 for 240*320

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100 comments for “KD Player With Skins For Sony Ericsson Phones”

  • mehrdad daee


  • Angrist

    My SE K750i can’t play songs with KD Player. There is an error: Playing impossible! exception: Previous file is opened. What can I do?

  • wow!!!Thank a lot….keep up the goodwork!!!!

  • etaN

    cannot load music will not show any folders to load up. also will not let me change permissions.. w580i

  • I just put this on my phone and i would like to know how to get all the music from my memory stick. it does not see anything right now and if i want to make a playlist it dose not see MP3 or any songs? thanks i love the program thow.

    Please email me jesse

  • Hi Jesse,

    Start KD player, press 0 (zero) and go to music library > playlists> new playlist> give a name for your new playlist.

    Now add files by going to e:/ > MSSEMC > media files > audio> choose the files you want to.

    The location may vary if you have stored your mp3s some where else.

    Hope I helped you.


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  • x4332

    I am having a hard time saving my playlist, when I exit the KD program and restart, my playlist is empty.
    I have a k850i and really like the KD program.

  • x4332

    Never mind, I figured it out.

    wicked program compared to the standard software.


  • Goober

    How do I get a playlist to save so I can open it up and use it?

  • JJ

    hi, in the screenshits at the top of the screen, the one in the top row, in the middle, the black one, whats it called?

  • JJ

    sorry, that should have been screenSHOTS, not screens**ts, im a bad typer:(

  • Kalev

    well everything else works for me exept that it doesent make sound. i increased sound with number 2 but it still didnt work. my phone is SE s500i . help please !!!!

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  • Fresh

    How can i change the skin?my phone is nokia 350 0c and when i go to the folder that i saved the skin it say that is empty

  • Fresh

    How can i change the skin?my phone is nokia 3500c and when i go to the folder that i saved the skin it say that is empty

  • stabana

    hi, i ahad already installed the kd player in my SE k810i but no sound output on my speaker but when i used my headset there was a sound..
    HELP ME…thanks

  • All link are dead EXCEPT first three download of 240*320 skins

  • Josie

    Ohh 🙁 Please help me; i dowloded this player onto my w58oi and when i go onto the application and i click on artists there is no songs there!! i have loads of music on my phone but it isnt showing the songs on the music player! PLEASE HELP ME!!! thanks so much if you reply

  • Hi Josie,

    You need to create playlist first 🙂

  • jerry19880209

    i wish this Player will be the one which can show the lrcs.then i’ii appreaciate it very much!

  • binsu

    hai , is this player didn’t support the videos in w580i

  • Hi can someone please translate for me thanx,

  • Good Thank you It

  • Thanks I

  • Dac

    Hi does anyone know what’s the name of the blue skin on the top and could send me a copy 240*320 pls to my email: maks_daniel@yahoo.com

  • ibrahim

    Thank you so much

    can you give me a yahoo masnger for sony ericsson?

    BUT I want some cool VISUALIZATIONS
    [The bar is good, but it needs to be real]
    PLEASE can you make them and upload them with a newer version of the software!

  • Sarah

    Hi, I have jus downloaded the KD Application for my KS360 and it opens up fine. However, when it comes to adding music the screen freezes and wont do anything. I thought it might just be the size of the files taking time so i left it for nearly 2hrs and it was still frozen. Is there anything I can do to stop this?


  • Hey when i search for skins on my other folder i can find any skin

  • omg that player is fantaaastic!!!!!!!!!It’s the best!!!!


  • u786

    what is the password of skin files which are in zip format. I can’t unzip because it asks for password. please reply.

  • rizalation

    Nice share file posting

  • Sagar

    the kd music player works just next to perfect wid my SE W595 and the skins are just awesome….

  • aceng

    its just a masterpiece….
    but i considering for how to make your kd player skin?…..

  • apedap

    Works perfectly, but no matter where i put the theme files, i can find them 🙁 I use Sony Ericsson G502

  • Udara

    Awsum !nicely work in ma sony ericsson k770i..bt couldnt find the equalizer!hw can I find it?

  • jerome

    I suggest it new version should be able to play video file

  • adi

    i have lg kp199
    and whenever i apply any theme an error comes
    javax.microedition.rms.recordstoreFullException,and player looks messed up,then i have to to terminate the application.
    please someone help me!!!

  • Totem

    Yay! Thanks.. I’m starting to like KD Player because of its Album Art feature and customizable skins.. Thanks a bunch ^^

  • thanks bro
    now my KD PLAYER very cool

  • Vishnu

    Hi, The Player is great but i couldn’t Load the skins >it shows Out of memory what should i do?

  • gostei muito mas bem q podi tera mais né…em todo casa é nois poim mais

  • ganja09mae

    why is it that when i click play in the list it gives me a comment:Plaing impossible!Exception:Failed to start player.help me pls.im w800i user

  • Chaminda66

    Hey.! These skins can’t be downloaded ,after click thn skin’s link ,sho a massage ‘timeout gateway’ so plz help me i wanna download these skins

  • Chaminda66

    Hey.! These skins can’t be downloaded ,after click thn skin’s link ,show a massage ‘timeout gateway’ so plz help me i wanna download these skins

  • nader

    i downloaded kd player but the skins wont work i put it in other selected othet and it said empty

  • jonard

    i can’t play my mp3 in my nokia 5300 using this app. there a error “opening: unable to open file! there is a need to incorporate sound into java apps and turn off silent monde”

  • Zyrgifrey_18

    i downloaded kd player and it is so nice.. the skins worked by unzipping the skins.

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