iphone Theme For Nokia By Aerion

Here’s an awesome iphone theme- iPhoneV for Nokia users. This theme is really awesome and very eye candy. Grab this theme and get the feel of an Apple iPhone on your Nokia phone. It is designed for Nokia Series 40 3rd Edition phones like Nokia 6288, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6270, Nokia 6233,etc. Sadly S60 phones aren’t supported by this theme. Let’s wait and watch I think Aerion will develop a S60 compatible theme very soon.

Installation instructions:

First download the iPhone.zip and copy the theme to your phone (internal memory would be more preferable) and apply it. There is a English version with a small lower menubar that fits nicely with the English characters. However, some languages with special characters need a slightly bigger lower menubar. So if you haven’t set your Nokia OS to English and if your lower menubar isn’t “high” enough, try the non-english version.

Now you will need to configure the settings as follows in order to get the real look:

1) Set the main menu view to “Grid” (in the main menu press the left selection key (options))

2) Disable “Active Standby” in “Settings->Display->Standby mode setting”

3) Set the “Font size” in “Contacts -> Settings” to “Large”

4) Set the “Contacts view” in “Contacts -> Settings” to “Name and image”

5) In order to display the date on the new wallpaper, enable “Show date” in “Settings->Time and Date->Date”.



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  • Soran

    thank you for this theme is verey nice

  • toli

    veri good

  • http://intelomkar.wordpress.com Omkar

    when he makes theme for Symbian S60,3rd edition phones, YOU’re gonna mail me about it 😛

  • Danial dude

    If someone has an idea how to change font size in Series40 themes for nokia phones (like 5310 XM). Please share your expert comments here.

  • http://www.rwa3.com/vb منتديات

    thanks man good …:)

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  • http://,,, Jamie

    Thanks,, But is this ment to have a bar at the bottom?

  • http://www.imichael1.com MIchael

    where is the download link?

  • khuzaima

    your download site is coming only some 404 error occurs

  • http://www.bizzntech.com Joel

    Unfortunately the site is down…
    I’ll try to get an alternative link

  • Neocrivi
  • ask

    Can you upload to zedge.net?? I need the direct link

  • ask

    Sorry I mind direct download

  • N1c0x_B

    the link is down !!!!!

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