Oh Boy A 706MB Picture!!

Have you heard of any picture which is 706MB?? Well I don’t think so. But here’s one such. This pic was taken by Hubble space telescope. This picture has a resolution of 22620×15200.

The Hubble scope view is really sharp and powerful. Even though the galaxy is located 11.6 million light-years away this telescope has no difficulty in getting a pic of it. It can resolve individual stars, along with open star clusters, globular star clusters, and even glowing regions of fluorescent gas. You can see lots of stars, gas clouds, and dust in the below picture.

You can check out the 4000×2688 pixels (6.2MB) reduced size below:

But in case you want to see the original then check out for the big one below:

The above one is 22620×15200 pixels and 706MB, so in case you really want to test if your pc is capable of opening it then download it.




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  • Random

    i’m downloading the full sized one now.. it’ll be done by tomorrow…

  • All the best dude…
    I dont have a fast connection or else would do it

  • Brennan

    Hahaha let me know how long it takes to open, and let me know if it even GETS open 😉

  • Working in the graphic design and print industry, I can say I’ve had to open considerably large photos (300-400mb in size) on a semi-regular basis. The full PSD layered composites of some working files were sometimes over 1gb in size.

    Just wanted to be a jerk 😉

  • ryan

    unfortuantely, yes i have seen 700+ mb images. recently, i had a TIFF image that exceeded 130 GB… it was 8 feet by 8 feet at 300 dpi!!! you can do the math!

  • HappyPanda


    you succeeded 🙂

  • Interesting…

    Will it open in my 386 SX – 33Mhz and 16 MB RAM computer? 😉


  • Drake are you really serious about it??
    I too had a 386. In fact that was the first computer that my dad gave me….lolz
    all the best

  • @Joel

    Totally *not* serious ;).

    It’s amazing: my first PC was an XT with a 20Mb hard disk and 640 kbytes RAM.

    And now, I see there’s a single image which would need like 35 hard disks like that just to be stored.

    Not to mention the processing power needed to just open the file and show it on the monitor screen.

    Anyway, I don’t think it would have been that amazing at that time; my first monitor was a monocromatic (green phosphore) driven by a Hercules graphic card.

    Oh yeah, those were the times when a screen saver really made sense :D.

    Just in case: I’m not old. Well… not THAT old; I mean… Oh my god: I AM old.


  • Petros

    Downloading the picture… Done in six minutes.

  • The NASA HiRISE (MRO) site has tons of images that are over 1GB in size. Luckily since they use the JP2 format you don’t have to download the whole image file to view them in full detail using the IAS Viewer. Or you can download the full images if you want & have the bandwidth.

  • You should post this in the biggest picture contest thread at theopia. I forget what the largest is off the top of my head, but it’s big.

    Nice picture anyway. I love almost all of NASA’s pictures.

  • Downloading the large one. It’ll be done in about an hour. Curious to see how my PC handles it.

    Athlon64 X2 5200+, 4GB PC6400 RAM, RAID-0 SATA II

  • Whoa wait, Petros, did you say 6 minutes? For the large version?

  • Steven

    Downloading it, it has 14 hours to go XD

  • Jake

    Downloading now… 🙂

    30 mins total download time. Im on linux and it should open so :p

  • Charlie

    Big one will be dine in 40 minutes. There’s no way my PC will be able to handle opening it.

  • Rusty

    it took less than a minute for my pc to open this image..

  • Rusty

    it took me less than a minute to open this file and look at it.

  • Quicken from Gothenburg

    17 minutes download time =)

  • Gabe

    Looks like it’ll be about 45 mins for me >_>
    My download manager says it’s only 695 though but still that’s pretty darn big.

  • Wow, this is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • dennis


  • Well, My time remaining is 1 hr 40 min. I have an AMD athlon x2 64 4200+ 2.2ghz, 2gb ram,intergrated graphics. HOPEING it will open..lol.

  • Shelby

    Thats nothing, my mom is an artist, and some of her mandalas can be more that 2048 megabytes!
    check out her work: http://www.pbase.com/qwertycards

  • foo

    Pfft. I deal with 1-2 GB images on a daily basis.

  • Bardiel

    yeah, I’ve tested out my company’s giant scanner, and changed the dpi to 98000. 4.7 gig picture. And that was just a comic book cover!

  • hm.. very nice

  • Blur

    I’ve downloaded it an opened in about 20 seconds on celeron core duo 2.4, sata II, nice view. where can I find more big ones? I want to test my pc how big files it can open 😛

  • Chris

    I can’t tell if that is noise in the image or stars.

  • anthony

    Took 5 minutes to download.

  • verm_pat

    4 minutes download time, let’s see how fast it opens 😉

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  • Bjorn Bakker

    Downloading it, will be done in about 12 minutes.

  • this is super sweet love it

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