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How To Disable Windows XP Automatic Reboot

Sometimes when you download updates for Xp you might have noticed that some updates when installed ask you to restart your pc. A popup comes every 15-20 minutes asking you to restart your pc.

Santas Slide Show Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Here’s a traditional ball ornament for your Christmas tree, but this thing is far from traditional. It is a digital photo frame which hangs on your Christmas tree. You can connect it to your pc and upload up to 50 pictures which will be displayed as a slideshow on the 1.5″ LCD of the ornament.

Fortune Cookies USB Drive

Fortune cookies definitely won’t fill your stomach but at least you can fill them with data. These cookies have a beautiful eye-catching artware which will tempt anyone to mistake it for a real cookie.

6 Most Widely Used Free P2P File Sharing Applications

Here are a few file sharing softwares that are widely used and are freely available.

1. µTorrent:

If anyone would ask me the best torrent file sharing application then I would definitely say µTorrent. µTorrent is a lightweight, efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows.

USB Santa Claus Liquid Mouse

The Santa Claus liquid mouse is a great replacement for your usual mouse. It includes a liquid filled area in its bulbous end which features a floating Santa figurine. Just plug the mouse and watch Santa bob about. This would be a great thing to gift to a geek for Christmas.

How To Cook A Turkey With A Light Bulb And DVD-Rs

Here’s a method to can cook a Turkey with a light Bulb and four DVD-Rs. I don’t really know if this method works. Well if it works then I guess it will take a lot of time to heat. You can view the following video which has detailed instructions on the procedure.

Crysis Benchmarking Tool

The Crysis Benchmarking Tool is a tool created by MadBoris which lets you test how custom settings run on your system. It provides the ability to queue up many runs and will provide detailed results for each test as well as an overall summary with accurate averages. The tool works with demo as well as retail versions of the game.

USB Christmas Cake- Store Your Data In Strawberries

Here’s a great Christmas cake one would like to gift to a geek in Christmas. Well this cake isn’t for eating but for storing data. All those strawberries you see there are USB drives which can be plugged in to the cake.

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