Xbox LIVE Gold Membership For Free!!

Xbox LIVE® Gold Membership For Free?? Well you read it right. There’s a place where you can get one. You can get the 48hour free gold membership from Tropicana Twister. The fun part is that the membership once expires can be made again and again. Just follow the following steps:


  • Go to Tropicana Twister page and sign up here
  • You will now be taken to the gaming page – click on I DON’T HAVE AN ACCESS CODE and make note of the code they give you.
  • Now Go back to the gaming page and enter the code in the “Access Code” field
  • Enter the security ID in the other field
  • Now click the LETS PLAY button
  • Now you may or may not win a price. If you win its great, but if you dont then you’ll get this message:

    Sorry you were not a winner this time.

    Please accept this complimentary 48-hour trial Xbox LIVE® Gold Membership* from Tropicana Twister.

    Your code to redeem the 48-hour trial is:

    Now for signing up the 48 hour membership simply do the following, but in case if you already have a membership then jump to step 4

    1. Connect Xbox 360™ to a broadband internet connection.
    2. Press the Xbox® Guide button, and in the Xbox 360 Dashboard, select Xbox LIVE.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Xbox LIVE account.
    4. Sign in to Xbox LIVE from Xbox 360 Dashboard.
    5. Select Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
    6. Select Redeem Prepaid Card or Promotional Code when prompted, enter your code, and enjoy!

    Now this membership will expire and revert back to the free Xbox Live Silver subscription, the catch is once it expires simply repeat the steps and get access again.




    41 comments for “Xbox LIVE Gold Membership For Free!!”

    • maxracer

      thks for the code dont know if it work untill my xbox live has this with the other gold memboship

    • Matt

      Thats awesome, but does it only work in the US? Because i tried mine and it didn’t work (In Australia)…

    • Matt

      This is the message i get:

      “Can’t redeem the code you entered. The code was either mistyped or is valid for a different site. Please try a different code.”

    • i dont get it. bad instructions.

    • tunguska

      I live in Canada, just tried it and it worked. woot

    • dj_mallu

      but u still hav to enter your credit card info rt?

    • .

      whats the point of this when every gamertag made comes with a free month?

    • paul francis

      please con any 1 help me out wid a free trail for my 360 please good peaple

    • kaylum

      it says here is yor code and comes up with
      ??? help me please

    • umm is this for x-box only not x-box 360?

    • Liam

      if any one got free trial send it me plz on

    • realist

      hi if any1 has any free trials laying around feel free to send them to would me much appreciated thanks guys

    • cesar

      hey if anyone has a free trial that they dont need could u please send me it cuz i really need it thank u send it to

    • i realllly need an 2day trial please
      please get me one

      please help

    • Jon

      hey im in need of a free trial any trial please my xbox live account got suspended and due to payment options on a credit card i never even charged now i created a new gamertag but i have to start from scratch please help!! thanks

    • alex

      can any 1 send me a 12 month or a 3 mouth or 1 month gold trial redeem PLZ my email is

    • alex

      or and for that mistake at mouth i meant month

    • Buzzy

      what website do you go to?

    • Buzzy

      and also, wow that is not the time i posted this it is actually 10:14 pm that clock is off

    • Buzzy

      this website’s clock is off

    • Grant

      so i tied the click here and it said the sever was unavlaible someone please help me i lose my xbox live tonight and dont get paid till tuesday.


    • Quiroga

      hey, I live in Mexico, and i cant enter the page to sign up. Hel plz?

    • Quiroga

      can anyone send me a free trial code for whatever duration plz? thanks. Oh and my mistake on hel is help.

    • lewis

      can anyone send me a free xbox live redeem code i really need one plz send me one someone

    • kevin

      I know this is late, but there’s a good site for all game stuff. It’s, and if you find it a spam send me some hate mail.

    • Iain

      Hey guys, has anyone got a free trial code?, if so could u please email me it, thanks my email is, thanks again guys

    • Des

      hey if anyone has an unused 46 hr trial could u please send it to

    • Kaze

      If anyone has spare codes. can you plz send me one?

      send it at

    • d.a

      there is no way to get free gold membership i’ve spent years trying to find a way to play online for free rewards1 doesn’t work prizerebel doesnt work gaming lagoon doesnt work you know why people tell you go to prizerebel/124nbdj3212 like that becase when you click on their link every point you get is given to them you get to keep it but 10% of all your earnings go to them so the only way for you to get free gold membership is to scam somebody in to doing it for you which usually doesn’t work because like me after you do a whole bunch of offers and you don’t get the point’s you deserve and your email is spammed to the max from offers you did but did not get credit for on rewards 1 i did like 25 offers and i only got poiunts for 3 of them i should have 21.7 points but actually i have 1.75 thats soo messed up it doesn’t work you want to get free electronics you have 3 ways to do it

      1. the old fashoined way break into best buy but what you need in a trashbag have some other guy at the wheel withe the engine running then get the fuck out

      2. get somebody who doesn’t need it to give it to you

      3. trust me i know it hurts badly the thought of having to actually work for the things you want especially if you’re underaged and can’t find a job at all especially when you live on the poor part of town and no one would give a job to a 13 year old and your parents won’t get you crap cuase in their eyes you’re a failure yeah and then stupid ass conmen rip you off so they can get the stuff you wanted! there really is no 3rd way but yeah when i look back at it a ps3 would have been better cuz they leyt you play online for free! it’s like xbox live only free wii does it to they only company that makes you pay to play online is stupid ass bill muther fucking faggot ass gates microsoft halo 3 single handedly made the xbox company without halo i don’t think anyone would even want to buy an xbox 360 man this sucks but there is a third way and it might or might not work but hey if you actually took the time to read my sob story then get this act like you really really need the points like say the only way i can fid the love of my dreams is if i meet him in social slayer today or something try to get people to donate codes to you and if you’re feeling like helping a little hardcore gamer in need then send your code to please i really need it really badly my friends on xbox live have all fogotten me like sonic3040 or mortyman i’ve been without gold membership foe up to a year pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee help meeeeee or at least help me get a job im 134 and i need some money badly i will do almost well looks like this is getting wayyyyyy too long goodnight and goodluck….. finding free stuff

    • Jbird

      I was wondering if anyone could please send me a code please. Thank you

    • Justin

      check out you can get a free 3 months!! go to the website for more details!

    • Brendan

      This didn’t work with page? We’re in Canada yet? I will try search.

    • Skeav

      the site is down 🙁

    • Jeff S

      Can someone help me please..Im new to this

    • Izzy

      @. – So you can use your one gamertag all the time. Who makes continuous accounts just for a month?

    • kaze

      any body who have a free trai of x box 360 please send it to

    • Hi, Everyone

      If you not have xbox live gold membership with started and We’re following for Steps…

      NOTED: Your Gamertag will not work add free trial with this monthly. and Please new creator profile then Step…

      1) Your xbox 360 owner new profile create name.

      2) Connect to Xbox Live (New Join)

      3) Make requirement your e-mail account then, information contact then, TOA and POS for clicked agree to then continue…

      4) From TOA/POS was agreed then, Xbox Live Gold Membership price for listen not needed then, Below see (Clicked, I not have a gold membership) for next button to…

      5) Free Trial Xbox Live Gold Membership on Month Limiting.

      6) Clicked Button and saving contact your xbox live.

      7) Connect to Xbox Live and Have a fun play on xbox live gold membership for this 1 month only each for New join xbox live for XBOX 360 ONLY! NOT WORKING IN for join or signup won’t free trial. XBOX 360 CONNECT TO XBOX LIVE ARE WORKED FOR XBOX LIVE GOLD MEMBERSHIP ONE MONTH.


      If problem can help to our E-Mail at:

    • john

      i really want free xbox live

    • RasCaLzZ

      Also Need A GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony Clan
      GHS – Grand Hitman Society

    • This is really good.

    • Willwonka123

      hi can any one give me a 48 hour trail plz if u have got one plz give it to me my email is

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